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Photoshop Quick Tip: See Newly Installed Fonts Without Relaunching

Have you ever installed a font you just downloaded, and had to restart Photoshop to see it in the list? Me too. I install fonts all the time, (while I have Photoshop open) and it's not only annoying, but a waste of time to have to restart the entire application, just to see the new font you just installed. You can avoid restarting if you click “Reset Character” in the Palette options of the Character Palette after you install your new fonts.

Photoshop Quick Tip: See Newly Installed Fonts Without Restarting
I have run into situations where the actual file name differs from font name, and it doesn't show up in the list where you expect it too. But this doesn't mean that the “Reset Character” doesn't work. You just have to look a little harder at your file names to find it in the list. 🙂

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