How to Set the Default Program to Open a Certain Type of File in Mac OS X

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You can easily set the default program to open certain file types from any “Get Info” window, from any file in Mac OS X.

It is the common problem that people have faced in different operating systems and they remain confused instead of finding the solution. This site “Bittbox” provides the useful tips that will help you as you advance in your career of designing. Sometimes, our operating system contains so many similar applications that it becomes really difficult to set the default application and you start thinking that your computer is not so intelligent. As a designer, you have to encounter similar types of files in different formats and you are frustrated with so many similar applications. You may be experiencing this problem from the beginner level and you are always judging the intellect of your operating system. Computer is a machine and we have to guide it properly. If we do not guide the machine at each and every instance, they we may be troubled with the results.

It can get annoying when you double click on a jpeg from your desktop and it tries to open in Photoshop. Not only is it annoying, it can be a time waster as you close the default application and drag the file to an application on the dock.

If you want to set a default application for a certain file type to open in, control click (right click) on any file and choose “Get Info.”

Get Info

In the “Get Info” options, you can easily select which application you would like to be the default for opening your file.

Selecting Adobe Illustrator

After selecting the default app for the single file, apply it to all files of the same type by clicking on the “Change All” button in that same Get Info window. You may set the default application for a single user or for all types of different users operating the system.

Open With

In order to organize and specify different application software for a particular task, we have to align the properties of all the different type of files and applications located in the computer.