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No EPS Preview (Thumbnail/Cover Flow) in Leopard

I don't know what features you may or may not have been looking forward to in Apple's Leopard release, but me. . . I'm easy to please. All I wanted for Christmas was an EPS preview in Finder. As a designer, not being able to view a thumbnail of EPS files drives me to crazy town, and also wastes a lot of time opening EPS files in Illustrator just to see what's in them. I installed Leopard earlier tonite and out of all the bells and whistles, the one I wanted just isn't happening. Oh, and don't worry, i doesn't work in Quick Look either. Maybe I'm not understanding something about EPS, (I'd like to hear your thoughts) but I would really like to know why there is never a thumbnail available for this format. A format that designers use very regularly.

No EPS Preview (Thumbnail/Cover Flow) in Leopard

As expected, you can preview AI files just like you always could, but no love for the EPS. Yes, you could convert all of your EPS files to AI format, but who wants to do that, just for a thumbnail? I don't know about you, but I have tons of files in EPS format that don't have an AI counterpart. Which = No Preview 🙁

No EPS Preview (Thumbnail/Cover Flow) in Leopard

Mail Previews EPS Just Fine. . .

It seems that you can view eps files in Mail, but not Finder. WTF. No love for the design community, only the business community who merely email EPS files to Designers. I guess once you get the EPS onto your hard drive, you're on your own.

No EPS Preview (Thumbnail/Cover Flow) in Leopard

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