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BittBox Featured in Computer Arts

For anyone out there trying to decide wether or not to start a design blog, here is a perfect example of some of the good things that can come your way. BittBox was recently chosen to be featured as a resource in Computer Arts Magazine Issue #135. The people at Computer Arts thought that my Illustrator Brushes for making swooshes, swirls, and curls, were neat and wanted to share them with their readers. I was contacted via email and happily agreed.

BittBox Featured in Computer Arts 135

Granted, there is no article about BittBox in this magazine, but you have to start somewhere, right? Computer Arts includes a CD with each issue that contains tutorials and resources for techniques described in the magazine. (oh yeah, and a link to your site too!) My brushes were a part of the “resources” for issue 135. I take this as a huge compliment given the fact that BittBox is less than 5 months old.

If you go here, you will see the list of features and resources for the magazine issue. BittBox is listed at the bottom.

I hope this inspires at least one or two of you out there to start a design blog. I did nothing out of the ordinary. I was simply blogging like I always do and got a random email one day. Getting published in a magazine not only makes you feel great, it's another awesome way to share your designs and get your information to other designers across the globe.

I can now move my goals up a notch and see how long it takes to really land an article in ANY design magazine. Before I was contacted by Computer Arts, I really didn't even think of getting into publications as a goal. Now I have a different perspective and I have even been buying similar magazines like Advanced Photoshop in order to discover new artists, and stay on top of my skills/trends in the design world. I highly recommend picking up a magazine like this every once in a while. You will find tons of inspiration.

I'm the editor-in-chief of I'm a designer and developer by day, and a writer and musician when the feeling strikes. I enjoy vintage advertisements and puzzles with an absurd amount of pieces. Follow me on Twitter.

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