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Learn how to use the best web design tools on the market plus increase your web design income to $125 (or more) per hour.

I often talk about and their unique training program for freelance web designers who want to increase their hourly rate without going back to college.

Unlike other web design training companies that throw tutorials at you hoping something sticks,’s approach is different. They give you a step-by-step roadmap designed to get you up and running fast so you can make real money as a web designer.

Now, I’ve partnered with them to give you a free look at what their popular Successful Web Designer membership can do for you. When you sign up, you’ll learn how successful web designers:
• Build impressive websites in days instead of weeks
• Make twice as much money in half the time
• Create recurring income
• And a whole lot more!
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Here’s what others have said about’s training programs:

“In the past 3 months I have generated more than $12,500 in new business, have more than that proposed or quoted and I am currently seeking another person to join me as I have more than I can handle comfortably.” – Roger Bingham
“Wow – there is a world of difference. This course has enabled me to know about parts of web design I just thought I could never manage. It has helped me to know how to charge properly, assess the jobs better, communicate with the client better, market better – the list is endless. All I can say is that my income from web designing has tripled, my confidence has skyrocketted and I am designing faster and better because I am simply doing more of it.” – Natasha Koodravsev-Boyar

“I have expanded my business in a very short time from nothing to 10 clients just by having the knowledge alone and having the confidence to go out into the market place knowing I can compete against the other web companies.” – Stefan Kaczmarczyk

Note: I only promote products I truly believe in. If you do decide to purchase any of’s other training, I will make a commission as their affiliate.

Here’s what you’ll get if you decide to become a member of the Successful Web Designer:

• The 16-week training bootcamp where you’ll learn how to find your first client, how to design websites that make money and how to create a great foundation for SEO.

• Live Online Training Classes for as long as you’re a member. Tune in, get expert training, ask questions and chat with other students live. We cover everything from pricing to social media and no question goes unanswered. You’ll get the recordings of all past live classes and the opportunity to suggest any topic you don’t see on the schedule.

• Dozens of training videos on social media, SEO, web design, WordPress, finding clients, pricing your services and more.

• Hundreds of complete articles covering everything you can imagine: Web design, pricing, clients, proposals, marketing, and more.

• No commitment. When you join The Successful Web Designer, you’re not committing to anything. This means you can come in, see what web design is all about, decide if it’s right for you and decide to stay or leave. No hard feelings either way.

Go here to learn more about the Successful Web Designer.

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