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Game of Thrones Family Banners


100+ Game of Thrones Family Banners Designed by Illustrators

Where can I find Game of Thrones family banners?

The Game of Thrones plot continues to thicken, which could be why the series is boasting over 10 million viewers each week. And with all that's happening, there are more than a few families to keep track of.

Luckily, illustrators everywhere have created their own interpretations of the GoT family crests. That's why we've included 15 designers and over 100 Game of Thrones family banners below.

Game of Thrones Family Banners

Darrin Crescenzi

Game of Thrones Family Banners

This collection of banners by Darrin Crescenzi includes a sigil for each house of Westeros. We love the vintage color palette and minimalist style of each of the house crests. You can see more of Darrin's work here.

Game of (Cute) Thrones

Caley Hicks

GOT Family Banners

Peace in the seven kingdoms seems possible when looking at this adorable collection of house sigils. Caley Hicks has created a collection of banners completely in her own style, and we can't get enough! You can see more of Caley's amazing art by going here.

Game of Thrones Emblems

Nestrix Studio

Game of Thrones Sigils

These emblems by NestStrix Studio are an incredible interpretation the various Game of Thrones families. We love the uniform style of the crests and the amazing attention to detail. You can see a full range of art by NestStrix Studio by going here.

Game of Thrones Custom House Sigils

Justin Conway

Game of Thrones Crests

These crests by Justin Conway are an intense and creative way to represent our favorite GoT families. We especially like the labels, which have both the house names and the house mottos. Check out more of Justin's detailed art on his website.

Game of Thrones: Key Houses Infographic

Saamia Meghji

GOT Family Crests

This Game of Thrones infographic is part of Saamia Meghji's bigger series, in which she illustrated a GoT family tree. We love the simplistic, structured feel of her banner collection. Check out more of Saamia's work here.

Song of Ice and Fire House Sigils


The different families of Game of Thrones

This colorful collection of Game of Thrones family banners was created by Futurehaus. We love the colors and various geometric shapes in these sigils. You can learn more about Futurehaus by going here.

Game of Thrones: Flat Sigils

Ram De Guzman

Game of Thrones Banner Illustration

These vector-style sigils were created by Ram De Guzman. While the designs are flat, each crest has great shadow work and detail. You can see more of Ram's work on his Bēhance page.

Game of Thrones Logos in Illustrator

Chris Spooner

Game of Thrones Family Animals

These house logos were created by Chris Spooner as part of a Game of Thrones tutorial on his blog. (Yep, you can create your own!) You can find more art and tutorials on Chris' blog.

Game of Thrones Animated Icons

Alexander Conferno

Game of Thrones mascots

Alexander Conferno has created a hypnotic, one-of-a-kind gif, illustrating popular Game of Thrones house mascots. We love the bold choice of color for each house. You can see more of Conferno's art on his website.

Game of Thrones: Targaryen Family Banner

Karen Li

House Targaryen Sigil

This Targaryen family banner, created by Karen Li, has a low poly look and a monochromatic color palette. The symmetry and simplistic art style are a great combination. You can see more of Karen's work on her DeviantArt.

Game of Thrones: The House of Stark Crest

Michelle Gemmeke



Stark Banner GOT

This Stark family crest is part of Michelle Gemmeke's series of Game of Thrones family banners. We love the small details, as well as the neutral color scheme. You can see more of the crests on the Game of Thrones Family Drawings Facebook page or on Michelle's portfolio.

Game of Thrones: Baratheon Sigil

Jorrel Lagdan


Baratheon Sigil

Jorrel Lagdan has created a series of of GoT house banners, and above is his Baratheon stag. Not only are the textures and geometric shapes eye-catching in this image, but the reflection is also a unique spin on the traditional sigil style. You can see more of Jorrel's art here.

Game of Thrones: Lannister Family Banner

Jan Höckesfeld

Lannister Flag with motto Hear Me Roar

In a clever design, Jan Höckesfeld has created a Lannister flag, complete with the Lannister lion and house motto. Like the other banners in Jan's series, this image features the motto within the house mascot: in this case, “Hear Me Roar” within the lion. You can see more of Jan's art here.

Game of Thrones: Tyrell House Poster

Kieren Miller

Tyrell Family Crest

Kieren Miller has created a series of bold Game of Thrones family banners, and we love this minimalist one for House Tyrell. Not only are the colors bright and interesting, but the low-opacity circles are arranged to make a rose, the Tyrell mascot. You can see more of Kieren's art here.

Game of Thrones: House Martell Family Banner

Akhil Dakinedi

martell flag illustration

This House Martell flag by Akhil Dakinedi features the Martell sun and spear as well as the house motto. The design of the sun uses simple shadows, and the banner has a pleasing gradient effect. Learn more about Akhil by going to his website.

Game of Thrones: The Night's Watch Sigil

Görkem Demir

The Wall Flag Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans know how important The Wall and The Night's Watch are to the series. Above is Görkem Demir's Night's Watch sigil, featuring The Wall and a raven. We love the creativity and simplicity of this eerie design. Check out more of Görkem's art on his site.

Have other awesome Game of Thrones family banners or fan art to throw our way? Tell us in the comments below.

* Feature image by Dustin Addair

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