100+ Minimal and Typographic Package Designs

Time for a little inspiration. Package design can be tricky, but as you can see here, sometimes it can be relatively simple and still come across as being elegant. Sometimes, less is more….. Here are over 100 examples of package design that either has a minimal style, or a typographic based solution. It may become little complex to design package designs for bottles of different geometrical shapes. If you like these and you'd like to learn more about package design, TheDieline.com and LovelyPackage.com are the places to visit. A big thanks goes out to them for a lot of the images you see here.

Bottle design

A simple and clean package design with little information on the front side of the bottle.

Coca-Cola package design

Excellent calligraphic font has been printed on the bottle keeping the size of text and contrast in consideration.

Calligraphic font in package design

It is not necessary to print all over the place. Instead, you can just choose to print on a little part of the bottle placing the text and graphics in proper orientation.

Product ad

The text and other graphics have nicely covered the entire package space making it more easy and entertaining for the viewers to check onto it.

Text-based packaging

The designer has designed the package designs for bottles of all the sizes and it is absolutely amazing. It is not necessary to cover all the space without taking other aspects into account.

Impressive bottle design

Selecting the perfect place and orientation for the text to be inserted in really important and nice contrast should be established between different points and places.

Products on a shelf

The most important information related to the product must be clear and prominent so that the user can explore the package design further.

Milk containers with bright text

Logo is placed at the edge, clip art is inserted on one side and text has been placed on the other side of the product.

Product packaging with bright text

Similar to the previous one but this bottle is of less size.

Text-based bottle labels

The important information has been showed as of big size and highlighted with different colors. Other important information such as copyright information and trademark have also been covered nicely.

Animal inspired designs

Background colors look to be transparent and beautiful. When there is a bulk of information to be covered, there must be proper sequence and size of the text should be selected carefully.

High-end bottle design

With the background of dense black, the text must be highlighted as dense white color.

Nestea design

All the information has been graded according to the level of importance and the name of the company is shown laterally.

Minimal packaging design style

The orientation of the text varies according to the size and shape of the product.

Vodka label design

The color of the text should be selected carefully so that it is visible whether the bottle is filled up with liquid or empty.

Supplement bottle design

The color of the text matches with the color of the cap of bottle. One should be considerate about each and every little aspect while designing a package design.

Wine bottle design

A formal packaging with all the information written in a formal way. Products which require high care must contain formal packaging.

Wine bottle design part 2

Similar to the previous ones but they are bit larger so they can contain more information.

Funky text

Amazing contrast has been established between background, text and the strip. But the design still looks to be sleek and smooth.

Bottle designs in different colors

The color of the bottles look similar to the color of snooker balls. When you have got little information to show to the viewers, it is a perfect decision to get more creative with all the aspects.

Black bottle design

The more smoother the color, the more it shines and more beautiful the color packaging looks to be.

Litter box design

As long as the text is of proper size and orientation, it will look to be really good on all types of shapes and surfaces.

Litter box design part 2

It is necessary to indicate what the box contains so that people may consider it to repair or be cautious before using it for some purpose.

Wine bottle designs

Nice geometrical figures, logos and calligraphic fonts have been calibrated to indicate the quality of product as packaging is really important to the success of any product when launched in the market. Some people get easily impressed with the packaging and prefer to buy that product.

Colorful designs

The color of the packaging is often used to indicate the type and kind of product.

Text-based wine labels

The quality of the colors and contrast indicate the quality of the content that the product may contain.

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