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Illustrator 101: Faster Font Selection

It's important to note that this will also work in Photoshop, but I'm using Illustrator as an example. If you're anything at all like me, you have a ginormous font collection and scrolling through the entire list to find the one your looking for can be cumbersome at times. Here's a quick tip to spend less time scrolling and more time designing.

Illustrator 101: Faster Font Selection
It's really quite easy (hence the “101”), when you are looking for a certain font in your enormous list, simply type first letter of the font name to ‘jump' to that letter in the list. This eliminates quite a bit of scroll time if you have a lot of fonts. In the example below, I just hit the M key to jump to the M fonts so I could find Myriad Pro faster.

Illustrator 101: Faster Font Selection

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