What are the best package design fails?

Bad package design is something we all encounter. But for designers and copywriters—the people who agonize over the right look and the perfect words—these encounters can be especially painful.

Even the worst designs can be great learning opportunities, however. And with that in mind, we've compiled 10 examples of bad package design below. While you can't unsee these examples, we're still pretty sure you'll want to look. These examples will teach you to avoid getting messed up with irrelevant information and other physical traits of package design that can have a big impact on its promotion. You must be aware of the color combination. font size, font style, and all the aspect before designing the package. The designers of these package designs got messed up somewhere despite that they did other things quite well. Bad package designs are not attractive to the customers instead of certain aspects of bad package designs cause irritation in the eyes. This tutorial is useful for the freelancers who are looking to impress their prospective clients with excellent package designs. Even a single and small aspect of your package design can have a drastic effect on the reputation of your brand. Most of the brands follow the trend that always works for them. Package designs vary according to the type and variety of products. But, you have to keep a keen eye on what impresses your prospective clients. Color schemes, copywritten material, and all the other aspects have a big impact on the package design.

There would be thousands of such examples from which we have got a lot of things to learn. The package designs of local brands are usually very bad.

10. Proudly made in the United States of… China

You had one job! pic.twitter.com/GnFWJ68pOm

— You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) September 4, 2017

While the image and text look nice, it's always a good idea to make sure your design and copy make sense together.

9. Beer for chicks

chick beer

This is the only beer just for “chicks.” The use of Curlz and the extreme color combinations are two big reasons why this beer was a finalist in our list of bad package designs.

(Also, we have no idea what “witness the chickness” means.)

8. Gorgeous or Clever?

Remember this? HT @krystina_marieM @ScholasticUK said unisex ‘clever' needed boy on cover: http://t.co/KTLarg48SY pic.twitter.com/PpZhONmbme

— Let Toys Be Toys (@LetToysBeToys) May 8, 2013

Individually, these designs aren't bad, but when you put them together… things get a little more complicated. So, do you want to be gorgeous like a girl, or clever like a boy? Proof that the bigger picture always matters.

7. The only yogurt made from bat milk

Bat milk

Okay, okay, so this yogurt isn't actually made from bat milk. Brazilian brand Batavo created the hybrid word, “Batmilk,” by combining the Portuguese word, “bater,” (to whip) with the English word, “milk.”

But Batmilk? Surely there was another way.

6. Smell like a skull

Skulls & Roses

It's safe to say some designs are better left 2D. This fragrance comes in a plastic skull complete with a fake rose.

While the fragrance is well-reviewed, the package design leaves something to be desired. (Like a normal bottle.)

5. Pool Pad

Focus group. This could have been avoided with 1 focus group (of women). pic.twitter.com/C76lv5ji33

— Jillian David (@JillianDavid13) July 3, 2017

Could definitely be better.

4. Tastes just like Grandma!

Tastes like grandma

While the color combos and clashing fonts in this package design are certainly eye-catching, it's safe to say we're more upset about the jam's taste. “Grandma” probably wasn't the flavor they were going for.

3. Comic Sans and a baby achieving Nirvana

The packaging you get when you combine a strung out baby, a hash brown, and, not 1, but 2 types of comic sans. pic.twitter.com/tVjXoOv4Vv

— Joe Fries (@Joe_Fries) March 17, 2017

“Not 1, but 2 types of Comic Sans.” Yep, there's a lot going on in this photo. The image, colors, and types used in this design all work together to make something really… bad.

2. Think like a man while looking like a girl

think like a man

While this looks great on the surface, it's the copy you can't unsee. For Women's Day in 2015, Bic celebrated by finding the worst quote imaginable.

Not only should women look like girls, but they should think like men. As you can imagine, it didn't go over too well.

1. Have a hot drink


We'll pass.

You should compare these package designs with package designs of your own so that you can satisfy your inner instinct as a designer. We know that there are so many bad package designs selling around and those are really irritating to the eyes.  Does your package design has one of these mistakes or complications? Got more examples of package design fails? Let us know in the comments below!