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Random Free Vectors – Part 10:

Part 10 of the free vectors is here, and it's gears! I also included a bonus Illustrator brush set so you can make your own custom gears, if you feel the need. I had to make some brushes in order to make this freebie set, and I wouldn't feel right with the brushes sitting on my hard drive when they would help you make your own custom gears (easily). Hope you like them, download below, brush installation instructions at the bottom.


Download EPS (Ill version 8 eps)

Includes: – EPS (1)


Download SVG (svg 1.1)

Includes: – SVG (1)


Brush Set:

Random Free Vectors (and Illustrator Brushes) - Part 10: Gears

Download CS1 Brush Set


Includes: – Illustrator CS1 Brush Library (1)


Download CS3 Brush Set

Includes: – Illustrator CS3 Brush Library (1)


Brush Library Installation:

Even though it has an .ai extension, the file you downloaded (if you downloaded one of the Brush Libraries) is an “Illustrator Brush Library,” not an actual Illustrator file. You will not be able to open the file in Illustrator.

1. Unzip the File.

2. Copy or move the file to your Illustrator > Presets > Brushes folder.

3. Restart Illustrator If it was open during installation.

After you restart Illustrator, you will be able to load the brushes by clicking on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the brushes palette. Or go to Window > Brush Libraries > and choose the file from the list.

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