Free Vector Web Page Elements – Part 3

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This set is Part 3 of my Free Vector Web Page elements series, and there are a couple of important differences to note. Believe it or not, there is no “reflection” in this set. In fact it's quite opposite of the previous sets in 2 ways. Instead of a reflection, we have here a subtle shadow-like gradient overlay on the bottom half of the button and header shapes, that hints at a silky 3D feel.

There is no transparency involved in the main buttons and bars (white silky ones), so they should be relatively easy to customize. If you change the color of the button itself, you must also change the bottom color of the gradient overlay. Another difference is that this is my first set designed on a dark background. If you are wanting to apply customization to any of my previous sets to a dark background color, this set might help you learn how to do that on your own.

Free Vector Web Page Elements Part 3
It may be hard to see, but there are subtle drop shadows on the buttons and various other shapes. Keep this in mind when customizing, and structuring your layers.

Customizing tip: If you are having trouble selecting certain paths or shapes, go to the “Object” menu and “Unlock All.” this will make every shape selectable, then you can lock the shapes you DON'T want to select, to make things easier 😉

Some other quick Illustrator tips to help you with basic selection methods, among other things in this post.

Download: Vector Web Page Elements Part 3

Everyone can thank Mark (one of BittBox's readers) for inspiring me to make a PNG for every download, with all of the individual elements of the set separated onto a transparent background. Ideal if you see no need to customize, but want your own background color. 451 X 1498 px – 88K with transparency.

Download: PNG Version