Free Illustrator Brushes and Vectors: Foliage

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It is that time again. Illustrator Brushes! The possibilities are endless with this set because I also included the simpler brushes that the more complex ones are comprised of. I also included AI, SVG, and EPS, for anyone who doesn't use Illustrator. Don't forget to play with your stroke size to get your most desired results! Download below.

Free Illustrator Brushes and Vectors: Foliage

Illustrator brushes have always been in demand since the beginning. The more brushes you have in your library, better it will be for you to show your creativity and bring your imaginations into life as every designer desires to.  If you are still guessing, take a closer look at how these brushes have proved to be useful for all previous designers.

You may be wondering that what does the foliage really mean. Foliage refers to the plant leaves typically green and healthy ones. A closer look at these brushes will depict fineness and clarity at the boundaries of these foliage drawings. Thus, if one is aware of all the aspects of these brushes, then amazing results can be deduced in little to no time. Illustrator brushes can be used to illustrator any kind of imagination as long as you really know how to use these brushes. If you want to create illustrator brushes of your own or modify them, tutorials are available on this site. Before designing or creating an illustrator brush, you must be aware of the purpose for which you are creating the brush and then design the brush accordingly. For example, a variety of illustrator brushes are available specifically for making flowers, circular designs, swooshes, and swirls. These tutorials can prove to be useful for you in the future.


Preview of Free Illustrator Brushes and Vectors: Foliage

A Closer look at the Brushes:

Preview of Free Illustrator Brushes and Vectors: Foliage 2
Preview of Free Illustrator Brushes and Vectors: Foliage 3

Download: Foliage Illustrator Brushes and Vectors


Even though it has a .ai extension, the file you downloaded (if you downloaded one of the Brush Libraries) is an “Illustrator Brush Library,” not an actual Illustrator file. You will not be able to open the file in Illustrator. These brushes are available in a variety of extensions so that they can be used in all types of different software and applications.

  1. Unzip the File.
  2. Copy or move the file to your Illustrator > Presets > Brushes folder.
  3. Restart Illustrator If it was open during installation.

After you restart Illustrator, you will be able to load the brushes by clicking on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the brushes palette. Or go to Window > Brush Libraries > and choose the file from the list.


High-resolution illustrator brushes are not available easily online. There are several ways you can modify these brushes and enhance their functionality.