Free High-Res Texture Pack: The Anatomy of a *Really* Old Book

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I have to admit … These textures were really fun to make. I went to a little book store over the weekend that you can't even find on Google Maps, bought a book that is about 50 yrs old, dissected it (literally), and scanned all the parts. It took a while, but I have a very cool free high resolution texture pack for everyone to download. There are 12 textures, all over 3000px. You can see them all individually on flickr by clicking on each image, or download all of them in a zip at the bottom.

1. The Cover (Minus the text)

The Cover

I'm going to post the textures in order from front cover to back cover. This should be fun;)

2. Cardboard from inside the Front Cover

Cardboard from inside front cover

3. Inside Front Cover

Inside front cover

4. Single Page

Single page

5. Stack of Pages

Stack of pages

6. Part of the Spine – Canvas

Part of the spine

7. Page Spread

Page spread

8. Part of the Spine – Canvas

Part of the spine

9. “Bunch” of Pages

Bunch of pages

10. Inside Back Cover

Inside back cover

11. Cardboard from inside the Back Cover

Cardboard from the inside back cover

12. Back Cover

Back cover