Font Update: 5 Cool Fonts Not to Miss

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I like to keep an eye out for new fonts as often as I can, and If you haven't seen these 5, they are some of my most recent favorites. All of them are free (2 are demo versions) so have fun, if you need a fresh addition to your font collection. Personally, I have a hard time saying “no” to new fonts and I hope you like these 5 if you haven't discovered them yet.

Font Update: 5 Cool Fonts Not to Miss

1. Helena (demo version)

Designer: Marcio Hirosse

This is one font that I'm seriously thinking about purchasing, and I rarely purchase a font because there are so many free ones. I was blown away by the detail in this typeface, and I find it very useful as a background/texture element. It can do wonders for a simple design in an instant. Great job Marcio! I love this font.


2. Chic Decay

Designer: Gyom S?guin

What can I say, Gyom is the man. Another great decayed font.

Chic decay

3. Infrared

Designer: Zdenek Gromnica

This free serif font comes in 4 weights, and caught my eye because of its simplicity and hidden complexity, especially in the case of the reciprocal serifs. (The capitol I for example). Just a nice fresh font with a modern look and a nice elegant twist on the serif styling.


4. Madredeus

Designer: StereoType

Madredeus is a nice thin decorative font. I like to use it in various ways as a background element, among other things. The simplistic line-work style caught my eye.


5. Lemur Light (demo version)

Designer: Andrzej Wartkowsky

Like Madredeus, this font is a nice thin, elegant font, but much more legible. Again, I like to use this font as a compliment to other design elements, and in backgrounds.

Lemur Light