BB Petie Boy

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I'm proud to release my very first original free font here on BittBox, BB Petie Boy. (Named after a horse I had when I was younger) There are four weights, one of which is a barely legible grunge style. The ‘Destroyed' weight is the only one without punctuation. Light, Medium, and Heavy all have the necessary characters for typing. Now, before you ask, yes these are free fonts. You can use them in anything you want, even if you sell your design, you just can't redistribute these fonts, or host them on a server. Anyway, it's my first font ever. I still have a lot to earn, but I hope you can give some feedback on how to make the next one better. If you have any problems installing, please let me know, but the fonts should work in both Windows and OS X. (not sure about Linux) Previews after the jump.

Petie Boy font

BB Petie Boy Light

Petie Boy Light

BB Petie Boy Medium

Petie Boy Medium

BB Petie Boy Heavy

Petie Boy Heavy

BB Petie Boy Destroyed

Petie Boy Destroyed

Download: Petie Boy