BB Free Font: Fusty Saddle

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Alright, everyone, I've just finished up a new font I've been working on for your downloading pleasure! My inspiration for this font came from Sideshow, by Harold's fonts. I hand drew every character on paper before tweaking them on the screen. The font contains A through Z and 0 through 9. In case you're wondering what ‘fusty' is, it means “Old fashioned in attitude or style.” It was a fun font to make, and I hope you all put it to good use 🙂

Fusty Saddle

Here's a look at the character set:

BB Free Font: Fusty Saddle Characters

Characteristics of font:

Fusty: means the one that is old-fashioned and giving classic look. There are tons of fusty fonts available on this site and other sites online. Such fonts are in large demand online and creative designers are always looking for such fonts online to be used in their works.

Saddle: means to charge or put a burden on.

BB means baby fonts or fonts that are of smaller size. We commonly use this term while messaging. The designer of these fonts have named them as baby fonts as they appear to be like the baby steps. Some hard-working designers are continuously improving and grooming the design industry with new and incredible fonts released after few periods of time.

The font is calibrated with thick black color and space lines are crafted in between the fonts nicely. Each character and number is calibrated perfectly keeping each and every little detail in consideration. The characters are broken at different points. You may select a font and choose to edit it thus creating a new font. There are already all kinds of fonts available which can be used to craft new fonts. The endpoint where fonts end should be calibrated nicely and the thickness of the fonts also does matter. The edges of the font should also have been nicely detailed and should be unique as well. This font design may prove to be an inspiration for all the graphic designers and editors. The more creative and focused you are, the more you will be able to calibrate a nice and unique font. You can also choose to add different backgrounds, colors, and textures. These fonts can be edited in their own ways, enhanced and used creatively in variety of different projects.

Fusty fonts are amazing contribution by the designers in online space of designing and that is why there is need to produce more of such fonts and provide them in different online sites.

Download: Fusty Saddle