How to Identify Any Font That Caught Your Fancy

Designers and bloggers from all around the world acknowledge the importance of using a catchy font in their endeavors, insofar as the actual text encased in a piece of work/article has to ignite the attention of all visitors, and secure it for any important information that you wish to convey. Whereas the visual impact of an image hardly ever fails to raise interest, there are no guarantees that the same interest will grace written content. The best way to impress in this sense is to apply a great-looking font to text.

I’m sure we’ve all been in the following situation, on more than one occasion: you’re surfing the internet and suddenly catch sight of a wonderfully written word, which compels you to obsessively spend what afterwards seems like ages in the attempt to track down that font and employ it in your projects. You can break this unhealthy habit by choosing to enlist the help of

What Font Is

Basically, the service helps you identify fonts which eluded your keen “hunting” skills so far. As such, you may either run a manual search by typing in keywords into the search box and wait for relevant results to be extracted from the huge database and then placed on your plate. Alternatively, users can insert the URL of a picture which contains the word written in the avidly sought-for font. On the flipside, the best way to go about this would be to simply take a screenshot of that word, and upload the capture onto the website.


In just three easy steps, you’ll have your font. Firstly, you need to upload the captured screenshot so that the online tool can focus on it and run a thorough search. Before the service takes up a task, though, you should also be careful to check the box indicating whether the background is lighter or darker than the letters, and then press “Continue”.

Identifying a font with What Font Is

Secondly, you’ll notice that your word is spliced by letters, which must be individually confirmed in their adjacent boxes. Afterwards, you need to tick the right option: either you will be presented with all matching/alternative types of fonts, or with just those that are free of charge, or exclusively with the commercial ones.

Top choice from What Font Is
Other similar fonts suggested by What Font Is

Thirdly, you click on “Continue” once again, and behold the results page. If you followed the prior steps to the letter, you’ll be presented with the exact matches or the closest resemblances to your quarry. And that’s it! Give it a try by visiting