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The Evolution of Code Free, Website Creation



Designers, in general, are very interested in new gadgets, software, and any other shred of technological advancement that has the power to impact the way they perform their work. Today, graphic and web designers can depend on cloud software like Webydo, which does not require any technical coding skills, and helps design professionals create interesting websites using the parallax scrolling technique.

Spotlight on Parallax Scrolling Animations

Who wouldn’t want to design engaging websites that visitors can’t get enough of? The key lies in user experience, which every passing trend tries to improve upon. At this point, I truly believe that a flat design and fluid animations in the background will achieve the best results for user engagement. You can now launch fantastic websites with great ease, using Webydo’s code-free, responsive website editor that includes a parallax scrolling animator.


The Old Face of Web Design

The industry has come a long way in just a few years. Until very recently, clients have had only one way of approaching experts to set up their business/portfolio/blog etc. websites: they hired two kinds of people, creative and technical. Designers would work closely with the client to make the ideal static model, and then developers stepped in and did their part by turning the design into a fully functional website.

The old system had three main flaws: programmers were more amply rewarded than designers with every project budget, communication was always a potential problem, and the manual coding aspect took too much time.

Everything is different now. An army of website builders help amateurs launch their own simple-looking sites. Adobe Muse took the first step in the direction of creative freedom for designers, but what if it was possible to use a more wholesome solution that, unlike Muse, does not ask you to become familiar with the entire Adobe Cloud?



Webydo, the $7M Crowd-Powered Solution

Creative professionals can now opt for cloud-based software that was specifically tailored to their design needs, and which allows them to design, manage, and host websites. Webydo automatically exports its users’ designs into HTML5, W3C-validated code that works flawlessly across all devices and browsers. News of this revolutionary solution has travelled far and wide, and currently more than 98K freelancers, studios, and agencies make up a huge community where members vote on which new features and functionality they would like to be added to the platform. A code-free, parallax scrolling animator has just been added.

While in the Webydo’s design studio, you’ll feel like you’re working with other familiar tools such as Photoshop or InDesign. Amazingly, you can use your dashboard to bill your client for each and every service. Their exquisite Content Management System permits you to allow the client to add and alter the website’s content, while preserving the design.  This allows for easy management of client websites.

Full-Throttle Independence

Enabling designers to achieve financial and creative freedom is what Webydo does. Do not hesitate to take constructive action, and join the fast-growing community of passionate individuals who are uniting to shape the future of web design.



This article was sponsored by Webydo's community of designers.

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