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Must-Have (Free) Photoshop Plugin: GuideGuide [CS4, CS5]

I've recently come across a lifesaver Photoshop plugin that is gonna rock your world. It's called GuideGuide from Cameron McEfee and it's a godsend for creating print layouts, and web for that matter. GuideGuide is free, and its a “panel” that assists you with laying out your guides across the artboard/document. Instead of having to do the math with complicated layouts, you can simply tell guide guide how far from each side of the document you want to place a guide. So simple it hurts.

GuideGuide can even find the center of a selection! You can set the number of columns, and gutter width as well. This is one USEFUL plugin, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Thanks to my friend Mike for the tip. 🙂

Must-Have (Free) Photoshop Plugin: GuideGuide [CS4, CS5]

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