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Flip HTML5 Flipbook Maker: Give Away

HTML5 is the present and the future of the web development technologies around the globe. With the amazing capabilities of responsiveness and easy code, the developers and the end users love the websites made using it. HTML5 has the most amazing capabilities that any of its predecessors ever had, and this makes it the most interesting platform to create everything new in. From web applications and games to Digital Flipbooks, if you know how to code in HTML5, you can create anything that you want. FlipHTML5 is a great digital publishing platform developed in native HTML5, and using the impeccable qualities of CSS3, it allows you to create wonderful digital flipbooks for publishing your catalogs or magazines online. With more than 3 million happy users, and our feedback on the product, we are writing this review to make sure before you purchase it.

There are some really cool things in the offer when you buy a subscription plan of the flipHTML5. We will discuss the best of them one by one:

Custom Branding Homepage

PDF To Flipbook:

Using simple drag and drop methodology, you can create flipbooks using a pure clean PDF document. Not just a PDF document, it allows you to create MS word and Openoffice text documents into digital flipbooks dived in HTML5, without any hassle to code.


You may customize the final product in any way you want. There are hundreds of options to choose from while converting the PDF, or while creating a Flipbook, from scratch using their easy to use UI. This makes the design process flexibility for even the naïve users in the market.


You may add as many animations as you want, like the kids do in PowerPoint. You need not worry about the code, but just use drag and drop techniques to create a wonderful interactive and animated UI in your flipbook. This makes the audience indulge into the product even more and stay to read and share.

E-Commerce Extensions:

You can directly make the products in your catalog shopable, and this technique has actually turned out to boost the conversion rates for many people trying to sell stuff online.

Native Android Application Development:

If you feel like you need your flipbook to be an application in the smartphone of your customers and users, it even allows you to do the same and creates a native android app package of the same. Native apps are efficient, perform better, and are loved by everyone.

Unlimited Cloud Hosting:


If you are not on cloud storage, you are at a high risk of everything. That is the scenario of the 21st century. To keep synchronized with the need of the hour, fliphtml5 stores all your data secure and backed up on unlimited cloud servers, so you need not worry about running out of space while adding the favorite media rich elements in the flipbook!

To conclude, talking about the most interesting part about it. FlipHTML5 is born for mobile internet. From E-commerce to blogging, everything has shifted to mobiles, and with efficient code for mobile platforms, there is nothing stopping for your product to be loved by each and everyone who visits it using his mobile browser. There is a special offer for our readers, in which you have a chance to win a free 90 day gold plan of Flip HTML5, which costs more than $90! To try your luck, and apply for it, follow the steps. Just Comment and tell us why you need it and we will pick a winner in two week – July 29th


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