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Designer’s Delight: Must Have Free Resources

Your website needs to be a stage for attracting visitors who might eventually turn into your valued customers. There are many freebies available for your WordPress blog or your personal website. These are a set of fantastic tools consisting of massive icons, badges, kits, photos, images, textures and much more. These plugins enriches your website and provides you the complete freedom to customize each and every feature.

A good website is one which provides quality information with great performance. Also innovative and unorthodox idea help you to stand out from the lot and also adds individuality to your website. But customizing each and every aspect of your website can be an extremely painful procedure. So these below mentioned freebies by DealFuel can prove to be a boon for you and ease your website creation process. So let's dig in and find out in detail about some of the delightful resources for designers.

  • Business Vector Badges


They represent ornamental elements that are used to express the reliability as well as the quality of your product and service. You can use them in your website design or in print. You can select from 100+ badges for use. These free badges can be used in your brochures, posters, web banners and so on. You can make use of these badges in your personal portfolio or website as well.  While the Premium badges are made to give the supreme look & feel.
Download it here.

  • Hand drawn Vector Icons


Icons form an important part in deciding the look as well as feel of the website. Icons create the potential of an image which express a lot more than words. You can also portray more about your projects through these icon design than any sort of content. You can get to have desktop icons, web icons, social media icons and more for the purpose you need. They are hand drawn and have the professional appearance needed for your website.
Download it here.

  • Modern Touch UI-Kit


You can get premium kits as well design resources that would make quite an impression on your website. You get pre-designed templates that act as handy tools for your project, especially under tight budget. You can show samples for your product or service for a minimum cost. You can easily customize images, texts and colors according to your taste and requirement.
Download it here.

  • Portfolio WordPress Theme


Using this freebie, you can exhibit your photography, artwork, or any visual displays in a wonderful way. You can choose from many themes & slideshows that are absolutely elegant. This creates a great first impression for your website visitors and ensures great traffic inflow.
Download it here.

  • Wedding Photography Studio Template


Wedding is a multi-billion dollar industry and designing a dedicated Wedding photography website can be quite complicated. This is why, this template can prove to be helpful. The production options covered in these templates include brochures, business cards, newsletters and letter heads. Thus providing a huge variety of style to your website.
Download it here.

  • High Resolution Vector Icons

These high resolution vector icons can help transform your website and make it perfect for viewing on different devices having a spectrum of resolution. These high resolutions vectors are available in eps and ai formats and can be tweaked according to your preferences.
Download it here.

  • Heraldry Vector Images


This medieval packs consists of various crests, emblems, shields, knights, dragons, swords, armor, banners to name a few. This image pack provides a vintage and rustic feel to your website and can be fruitfully used for representing organization structure, products, web links, customer segments etc. in the website.
Download it here.

  • Concrete Texture Pack


This concrete texture pack consists of a number of different unique textures which are hand-picked and are of high quality. The designs, colors, images and the overall look & feel are completely customizable and would be would be different for every design you choose.
Download it here.

  • Metallic Photoshop Gradients


Using these metallic Photoshop gradients, you can manipulate and enhance your photos with additional features that you had uploaded in your website. Be it company logos or your personal photos, using these gradients you can completely transform your photo and projects.
Download it here.

I'm the editor-in-chief of I'm a designer and developer by day, and a writer and musician when the feeling strikes. I enjoy vintage advertisements and puzzles with an absurd amount of pieces. Follow me on Twitter.

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