40 Mobile Android & iOS Tablet App Interfaces

Good artists copy; great artists steal. This quote has been tossed around creative circles for decades and does shed light onto a small fragment of truth, especially among visual artists. The way to master digital design is to take ideas and learn how they were constructed.

Smartphone & tablet applications are small but detailed. To successfully design mobile apps you need to understand textures, shapes, typography, icon design, and color matching. This may seem impossible but if you study other designers you'll naturally pick up their ideas for yourself. The following examples are chock-full of unique interface ideas ripe for cloning & copying into your own designs.

Showcase of Mobile App Interfaces

Dark Menu

dark responsive menu ui tablet

Manual iPad App

manual digital touch ipad app


wunderstation ipad app ui


audi new experience app

Fashion App

fashion app exploration ipad touch

Clumsy Kids

clumsy kids tablet app ui

Hudle iPad

hudle game ipad app ui

Trips & Traveling

trips and traveling app

Ticket Booking

ticket booking app tablet

Radar App

tablet radar app ui

CRM Flat Dashboard

crm flat dashboard ui

Nike Commune

nike commune ipad app ui

Classico Piano App

ipad piano player app ui

Hailo Hub

hailo hub ipad ui design

Order Entry

order entry app concept

Black Tablet

black shop tablet ui

Shopdash iPad App

shopdash dashboard shopping app ui

Feed Screen

ios ipad app feed screen

Bubble Blitz

ipad iphone bubble blitz design

Windows 8 Surface

win8 tablet app surface

Illumination University

illumination university app design

Search Screen

search screen ui ipad app design

Street Child United

street child united ipad app ui

Flyout Menu

flyout menu ipad app ui

Meeting Dashboard

business meeting dashboard ui

Feed Screen

feed screen post tablet

Rendezview Events Manager

ipad social events manager ipad


login modal shutterstock app

Google Music Player

google music app player

Yoga by Numbers

yoga by numbers app screen


launchpad ipad tablet ui

Dashboard Nav

ipad dashboard navigation


assettrak search app

Live Stream App

live stream surf app ui

Insect Definer

insect definer app ui

Growth Credit Dash

credit growth dashboard ui

Tryolabs Showcase

gallery showcase app ipad

Flights Screen

dark dashboard flights screen

Flat UI Tablet

flat tablet ui design

Munchie's Lunch Game

munchy game art level design