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40 Examples of Flat iPhone App User Interfaces

Apple users should already be familiar with the updated iOS 8 operating system. Their flat trend became popular back on iOS 7 and has since been adopted by Google and Microsoft. It seems that flat design is meant to be an easy barrier for designers to climb without a lot of struggle.

So if you're new to interface design it may prove quite beneficial to get started creating mobile applications. Once you learn more about vectors and icon styles it should be no problem segueing into web design. If you need some inspiration to get started these interfaces should prove more than useful. Take a peek at the gallery below and see if you can practice creating your own flat iOS interfaces.

VPS iPhone

flat dashboard vps app

Flight Booking

book flight iphone app ui

Outfit of the Day

flat iphone outfit of the day ui


analytics dashboard colorful flat ui

Social Feed

lister social feed iphone flat ui

Explore Photos

explore photo sharing app ui iphone

Alarm Settings

alarm dark settings iphone app ui

Taxi App

flat taxi app ios ui design

Metro UI

flat blue metro ui iphone experiment


flat lobby checkin app iphone ui


coaching ios flat ui concept app

Dark iOS 7

dark flat ios7 list users contacts

Squirrel Settings

squirrel iphone app settings ui


flat user interface iphone app planner

List View

flat iphone colorful listview ui


ios 7 whatsapp flat iphone ui

iOS 7 Calendar

ios7 flat white simple calendar app

Host App

detail app hosting ui iphone

Upcoming Events

upcoming events iphone flat ui

WhatsApp Redesign

whatsapp iphone flat ui app design

Timeline App

timeline app ui simple iphone

Success App

flat blue sucess app dreams list


flat iphone app inbox email ui

Yj Home

yj homeview iphone flat app ui


ios7 dropium dark flat iphone app ui


ios7 flat white instagram app ui

Tick Tock

tick tock clock settings dark app ui

Flat ChatSheet

flat chat sheet dark color interface app

Connect Screen

connect screen iphone flat ui

Dark Dashboard

dark dashboard iphone flat ui

Activity Feed

green dark iphone flat app ui

Analytics App

analytics app ui iphone simple

Music Player

dark music player flat ios ui


orange app iphone settings ui


instaradio feed flat iphone app ui

Weather UI

weather ui app iphone flat screen design

Social Player App

dark social player app flat ui


green dark app iphone flat wallet ui


flat iphone workouts simple clean ui

Dark Stocks

purple dark stocks app ui graph chart

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