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36 Interface Design Mockups for Mobile Shops & Online Stores

Some of the most intricate and detailed website layouts are shops and eCommerce stores. Most of these websites have so many required features that a designer will need to plan long in advance during the wireframing & mockup stage. It helps to look at other great interfaces to gauge your own ideas and put them into perspective.

This gallery is focused on UI mockups for mobile shops and online web stores. Take a look over each of these examples to see if anything catches your attention. It’s a lot tougher to create a shopping interface for mobile screens because the process requires a series of terse decisions regarding which elements to cut. But guided by the following examples you should be able to push forward into an excellent design of your own.

Magaza Web

magaza web version app ui

Ridestore App

mobile app shoes ridestore

Amazon Material Design

amazon material design

Shopping App

shopping app cart ui design

Pizza Hut POS

pizza hut point of sale app

Browse Products

iphone app browse ui

Clothing App

simple mobile app clothing

Tablet Point-of-Sale

tablet point of sale app ui

Fashion Store

fashion store mobile app

Item Detail

shop item detail ui


zolace white dark iphone ui

Supermarket App

supermarket app ui concept

Reprint Tablet

repring digital app psd

3D Market

3d market app ui design

Blue Cart UI

blue shopping cart ui design

Shopping with Friends

iphone shopping with friends ios

Donation App

simple green app ui donations

Product Details

bright flat product details

Transparent UI/UX

iphone ios8 ui app

Shopping Center

shopping center ios app ui

Comic Book Store

ios tablet comic book store


iphone app ui wildberries

Pastry Shop

iphone app ui pastry shop


receipthog ios7 iphone app blue

Travel Planner

gro travel plannet app

Store Cart

shopping cart store ui

Dark iPhone UI

dark ui mobile app

Fashion Catalogue

purple fashion catalogue app

Watsons Pharmacy

asia pharmacy watsons beauty

Shopping Redesign

shopping app redesign ui


topman shoes instore app

Satsuma Mobile

satsuma mobile app ui design

Tablet Store

white tablet store ui design

Build your Pizza

build your own pizza iphone

Sellwell App

sellwell clothes point of sale tablet app

Android Shopping App

android app shopping smartphone ui

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