36 Interface Design Mockups for Mobile Shops & Online Stores

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Some of the most intricate and detailed website layouts are shops and eCommerce stores. Most of these websites have so many required features that a designer will need to plan long in advance during the wireframing & mockup stage. It helps to look at other great interfaces to gauge your own ideas and put them into perspective.

Mockup: refers to the sample or model which the viewers can use to craft their own models.

Interface: refers to the whole screen of interaction which contains several interface elements through which we interact with the concerned tools and software.

This gallery is focused on UI mockups for mobile shops and online web stores. Take a look over each of these examples to see if anything catches your attention. It’s a lot tougher to create a shopping interface for mobile screens because the process requires a series of terse decisions regarding which elements to cut. But guided by the following examples you should be able to push forward into an excellent design of your own.

Interface Design Mockups for Mobile Shops

Magaza Web

magaza web version app ui

Great interface with all the information displayed on a single page in a unique way.

Ridestore App

mobile app shoes ridestore

This interface supports full page-view so that the user can sense that there is a lot more to discover and find the best product.

Amazon Material Design

amazon material design

All items are listed in the appropriate hierarchy and enough details to persuade the user to navigate further into the store.

Shopping App

shopping app cart ui design

The sliding feature is the most loved feature of the touch-screen devices so you can drag items and discover their specialty and compare them easily.

Pizza Hut POS

pizza hut point of sale app

The pizza lovers will love to customize the pizza and toggle among different customization such as a variety of top-ups. This interface is perfect for any such brand which delivers items at home.

Browse Products

iphone app browse ui

The items are listed nicely with an adequate amount of information provided by the previous visitors related to the product.

Clothing App

simple mobile app clothing

This interface covers all the necessary aspects that are often ignored in other interfaces. All the information is listed in appropriate manner in a colorful and graphical way.

Tablet Point-of-Sale

tablet point of sale app ui

The checkout section is available along with the main page so that you can keep an eye on the price and items selected.

Fashion Store

fashion store mobile app

The modern-looking web layout that can support all the platforms perfectly.

Item Detail

shop item detail ui

Comparable to the virtual world of an online store, this store is perfectly designed to display information regarding the product in real-world space.


zolace white dark iphone ui

The items appear so bold on the white background and the price is mentioned in the down section.

Supermarket App

supermarket app ui concept

Some people are keen to discover more and more about the particular product so it is necessary that you mention enough detail for each and every product in your store. This interface is designed to fulfill your purpose.

Reprint Tablet

repring digital app psd

The category section makes it really easy for you to navigate deep into the store and items are displayed in larger sizes so as to make the whole web layout appear stunning.

3D Market

3d market app ui design

3D items are displayed in the form of icons and price is also listed in colorful round boxes.

Blue Cart UI

blue shopping cart ui design

The interface supports little detail so that the user does not get bored or exhausted with the unrelated detail.

Shopping with Friends

iphone shopping with friends ios

Now this interface comes with a really unique idea of asking friends for recommendations or opinions.

Donation App

simple green app ui donations

It is a simple and colorful layout to fulfill the simple purpose of transferring the desired amount of money that the user tends to donate.

Product Details

bright flat product details

The detail is of special value for all the online stores as you can further optimize it according to SEO or persuade the visitor at your best.

Transparent UI/UX

iphone ios8 ui app

The layout is giving a clean transparent look that is enhancing the overall interface in its own unique way.

Shopping Center

shopping center ios app ui

This interface is perfect to be used if you think that all the categories, products and information may get mixed up.

Comic Book Store

ios tablet comic book store

This layout is similar to the one used the Apple store to sell its products. You may choose to customize this layout in your own way of choice.


iphone app ui wildberries

All the items are presented in a delicate manner with the navigation menu at the bottom.

Pastry Shop

iphone app ui pastry shop

For all the people who are aspiring to take their food business to the next level, here is the sample layout to follow.


receipthog ios7 iphone app blue

Perfect interface to keep your shopping under check so that you can budget appropriately.

Travel Planner

gro travel plannet app

When you are referring to the very specific product niche, such an interface may help you take your business to the next level easily.

Store Cart

shopping cart store ui

The logo appears at the top with all the buttons and graphics set up appropriately to facilitate the user experience.

Dark iPhone UI

dark ui mobile app

The dark color interface with really supportive touch and all the categories placed at perfect positions.

Fashion Catalogue

purple fashion catalogue app

The enhanced user experience is offered to the visitors as you can place the item in cart with just one click and it also supports the drag feature.

Watsons Pharmacy

asia pharmacy watsons beauty

Nice boundaries have been calibrated around different products. It is a perfectly simple and easy-to-use interface for all the shopping lovers to choose among their products easily.

Shopping Redesign

shopping app redesign ui

The upper and bottom menu contains all the necessary functions and there is pretty much to explore with this beautifully calibrated interface.


topman shoes instore app

There is no need for mentioning unnecessary details and moving through so many pages, instead, you may choose to operate all of the operations with a single click from the single page.

Satsuma Mobile

satsuma mobile app ui design

This interface is designed if you want to create a celebrity-based online store and it has proved to be a unique and successful idea so far.

Tablet Store

white tablet store ui design

You may copy this user interface to create a similar user interface for your own online store.

Build your Pizza

build your own pizza iphone

The Android developers have made it more interesting for the pizza lovers to get a perfect pizza for themselves in no time.

Sellwell App

sellwell clothes point of sale tablet app

Every business cares about the way their products are presented online so here is another great user interface for the aspiring online entrepreneurs.

Android Shopping App

android app shopping smartphone ui

The user interface features the big images of all the products that are available to the users. It also contains sub-categories so you will really enjoy navigating deep down while finding your own product.