The process of designing a mobile application has become more streamlined over time. Apple's iOS guidelines are much more straightforward and easier for first-time designers. Similarly Android and Windows Mobile are just as user-friendly offering beautiful interface examples and resources.

The following UI shots are from Dribbble designers who've created unique instant messaging chat applications. These are some of the highest quality interfaces which should provide inspiration to mobile app designers. Whether new or experienced, every designer can glean something magnificent from these mobile interface mockups.

Showcase of Chat Interfaces

Mondo Chat

Mondo Chat

The theme is nicely callibrated and it includes nice colors and astonishing geometrical shapes.

Party App 

Party App

The theme is very simple and dark colored so it may attract a variety of users.



There exists a beautiful color between white and red. The interface is quite simple and easy to use.

Local Community iOS App

Local Community iOS App

The light app offering updates and notifications in a really delightful way.

Talking App

Talking App

The interface shows the details of the user and it does not get complicated for the viewers.


interakt chat app ios

The app is designed in a simple interface for the users who want to keep them updated with the online activity of other friends and people.

Holiday Inn

universal chat holiday inn app

The sophisticated user interface covering the little useful details in a precise manner.

Purple iPhone Chat

iphone ios8 blur chat interface

The colorful app interface with each small detail barely visible on the page.

Mnml Keyboard

minimal ios8 iphone app chat

Another similar user interface derived from scratch to enhance the user experience.

Metro Chat App

flat metro app design

The app has a wonderful scheme of patterns and users can update a wide range of status that depicts their feelings and mood.

iOS 8 Flat Chat

flat colored iphone chat app

All of the interfaces are similar to each with slight differences such as color schemes, the variety of shapes of the message boxes and other visual features that are barely visible.

Voice Chat

purple gradient iphone voice app

Another messaging app that allows you to send instant voice message on the go.

Group Chat UI

iphone group chat ui design

The app has a kind of formal look and you can easily switch between different conversations easily.

Colorful UI

colorful app ui design iphone

The app interface is damn simple to support the group chats in an efficient way.

Android Chat App

smartphone android chat im app

The simplest app interface with no details, each section categorized properly with the specific color and a lot of different colors used for the user to entertain during the chat.

Jewel iOS UI Kit

jewel ios chat app ui

The interface has a transparent background and you can enjoy the unique transparent look as you go through the chat.

Green Glowing Chat

green glowing chat app ui

The message boxes have sharp colors as compared to the background and the background has different density of colors at different places. The settings sections are marked at the corner to go through all the customizations possible.

Internal Messaging

developers team chat messaging

The developer has rewarded the user to make full use of touchscreen and made it really simple and easy to perform different functions by the just small scroll on the screen.

Multi-Chat for Android

android app multichat ui

The background is texturized amazingly and there are a lot of other hidden features that the user will discover with the passage of time.

Orange Chat UI

ios orange app chat ui

Another detailed interface for the users to get deeper insight into the different activities of their friends and other people.

Clean Blue Chat UI

iphone blue chatting interface

The rectangular figures have been used to depict icons and message boxes. Dark and light colors are managed properly to create a wonderful interface.

Loopd iOS App

loopd ios iphone chat app

The app shows the whole profile of different people and you can network with people of similar interests.


iphone blue messages app

Dark colors have been used to compose the theme and quick navigation options allow you to scroll through different profiles or make some sort of customizations.

Speech Bubbles UI

chat speech bubbles ui

The messaging app has a lot to reveal about the particular person so that you can discover a lot about your friend who is away.

Conversations List

chat conversations app ui

This messaging app is similar to the messaging apps on most of our phones.

Group Communication

group chat im messaging

The messaging app reveals the exact location of the particular person with each message sent or received.

Chat Room App UI

iphone chatroom app ui

It is an advanced messaging app as you can call people on voice or video and you can connect with each person specifically and it is more like Whatsapp or other common social media platforms.

Dark IM App

dark instant messaging chat ui

The whole interface appears to be more furnishes, transparent and of high quality.


blue iphone app ui convos

All the details have been shown in a totally different and graphical way. Each connection is separated by a fine line and nice calligraphic fonts have been used.

Flat iOS Messaging

ios messaging concept app ui

Large-sized images are displayed alongwith each message and all of the contacts have been nicely categorized so that you can scroll among the different categories at any time.

Textured iOS Chat

textured ios6 app ui design

It seems to be as if it has been designed in adobe photoshop using the hi-tech settings and customizations in a correct sequence.

iOS 7 Chat App

clean ios7 chat application ui

Each message pops up nicely and there are wonderful tones associated with this app that add flavor to the whole conversation. Formal and informal tons are available for use.

Green App Interface

green ios im chat interface design

Juicy colors of different density have been used to construct the whole interface.