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If you're not reading comments, You're missing out on a potential wealth of information.

Comment Jewels: Where the Real help is at.

In the world of social media sites, and the blogosphere, I'm sure you've read your fair share of very helpful stories. There are tons of helpful blog posts, tutorials, and stories out there, but if you don't read the comments posted at the bottom of these posts, you may be passing up a treasure chest of helpful information. There are many reasons why a story will recieve a comment, and equally as many types of comments as reasons. However, the blogosphere has a unique characteristic that I have come to enjoy very much, and pay close attention to: Random Acts of Kindness hidden away in comments.

I know comments can seem overwhelmingly negative at times, but not all commenters are birds of the same feather. Some will leave comments for the sole purpose of trying to make the author feel stupid. Some will gladly say thank you for the information provided. Some will be experts on the topic at hand and offer more accurate details. These are the ones we like. A comment saying how stupid a story is can often times be just as useful as one that praises the story, if it provides details to back up the claim.

Take advice at your own risk in the comments, but remember that every once in a while you'll stumble across diamonds in the rough. These are the comments I especially love to find. I'll give you an example. There is a post on a blog that you come across and the story is about free icons. You read the story and find 5 links, kinda lame, eh? Well if there are 50 comments under that post skim through them and see if someone has posted links to more freebies. It only takes a few seconds to skim given the fact that most links stand out because of color.

I find comment jewels to be most prominent in large social media sites sites like Digg, and well known blogs with a large amount of regular readers. If you ever read a story about a collection of free-anything on a social media site, and there are a lot of comments in response to that post, skim and you might be surprised at what you find. And one more thing, props to all of you comment superhero URL-pasters out there.


Freeware Comment

Free Font Comment

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