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Free Graphic Pack with More Than 50 Resources

The design industry, especially the one related to web design is a wonderful place to work in…if you see it from the outside. Many clients are saying that a web designer’s work is similar to an artist’s life: he can freely create amazing things from scratch, he can work from anywhere and he can choose his tasks however he wants. This is not quite true: being a web designer means that you must have a lot of skills starting from technical knowledge, social abilities and the right resources, preferably free stuff such as free vectors, free .psd, free UI elements and so forth.

A web designer will always have to innovate; he is in a constant battle with his competitors because usually the client chooses you, so you don’t have the luxury to say no to every project that you find difficult to work on. Sure, this happens mostly if you are a freelancer.

As I said, a web designer must be extremely efficient therefore he needs to know where he can find the resources suitable for any of his project. For example, if he’s in a hurry and he needs to quickly draw a mockup, he can use existing UI elements in order to quickly finish the design. Furthermore, if he needs to create a logo but this is not his strong point, he can start with a logo template.

Thankfully the internet is filled with free or paid resources for designers but searching for them may require a lot of time; even more, what happens if you suddenly lose your internet access? This way you always need to have a designer toolbox packed with every graphic element, tutorial, .psd, .eps or any other file ready to be used.

In this article I wanted to give you a free graphic pack filled with a lot of extremely good and free design resources which you can use in your projects. All of these graphic elements are collected from, a great search engine in which you can find free resources such as logo templates, vectors, ui elements, .psd files and much more.


Download the full graphic pack by clicking here


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