20 Websites With Unique Interactive Scrolling

With the introduction of HTML 5, long scrolling websites have become quite a trend, in the world of web design. While this technique offers clean and fluid navigation, it also enhances the designer's ability to develop a linear narrative, within a site. With solid creative concepts and top-notch development, these websites offer dynamic, interactive experiences. Users are able to navigate, discover and explore through the simple means of scrolling.

Websites With Interactive Scrolling

1. MakeYourMoneyMatter.org


The visitor can take a tour of the whole site in a delightful and entertaining way.

2. KennedyAndOswald.com


These scrolling effects will change the color and contrast of the site dramatically. You will be able to move the text with the still background under the text.

3. FixedAgency.com


The unique and interactive scrolling options are available. These include both horizontal and vertical scrolling options.

4. MilwaukeePoliceNews.com


You can align all the suitable features and guidelines to appear at a particular point of phase. Thus making it really interactive and entertaining for all the visitors.

5. Fillet.com


Be a creative thinker and make the best possible use of all the scrolling features and techniques available.

6. FiftyThree.com


The scrolling options must be aligned with the quantity of content and type of content to show to the visitors.

7. TheseAreThings.com


The good scrolling options and similar features can boost the quality of the site and the user will enjoy the overall experience.

8. Acade.com


Whenever you are presenting your business plan to the online audience, it is better to keep all the scrolling options interactive and user-friendly so that the user understands all the things in a proper sequence without getting distracted.

9. TheMobileIndex.com


There are many concepts and things which cannot be understood properly without proper scrolling techniques and methods.

10. Vespillo-Lefilm.com


Scrolling can be used as the ultimate feature for controlling and monitoring different types of activities on the web page.

11. LucasNikitczuk.com


The more interactive the scrolling is, the better will be the browsing experience and it will be easy for you to cover so much content in small space.

12. Diesel.com – Home Collection

Diesel.com - Home Collection

Underlying high-quality graphics make it look really delicate and smooth to scroll through all the content.

13. Case-3D.com


Another great example of creating the whole design to look really interesting, unique and such scrolling techniques provide great walk-through tutorial for the users to roam around the site without getting bored.

14. GramercyParkHotel.com


The designers who specialize in creating such unique scrolling options can utilize his skill to orient all the content properly.

15. Index-STD.com


You can select among the scrolling letters and jump to the different categories. The background scrolls nicely behind the front display.

16. EditosKastingas.lt


Different objects appearing on the screen move in reference to the cursor and different sections slide upon scrolling the cursor.

17. Unfold.no


Interactive scrolling techniques help us to differentiate between different sections in a better way.

18. LocalsApparel.se


The boundaries between the different sections can be designed in a unique way thus one can enjoy scrolling and each section can be categorized in a lot better way.

19. House.pl


One can scroll within the different sections as well as outside the sections using this web design.

20. Journey.LifeOfPiMovie.com


These advanced scrolling techniques help you to mix up graphics and text nicely so that you can display them in the best way possible.

Web designing has evolved so much that you can imagine anything and ask your designer to turn it into reality. These unique interactive scrolling patterns are serving millions of businesses and they are of huge importance to modern businesses. These scrolling patterns should be used carefully according to the type of business as they may be inappropriate for formal businesses. Still, there are some scrolling patterns that fuel businesses online in a formal way. In the modern age, web designers are paying huge amounts to learn such techniques and skills that are really in-demand. Make sure that the visitor does not get irritated with dynamic scrolling patterns. Which scrolling pattern suits your business that you would like to use online?

The online businesses which are curious about the design should use these scrolling options. They do not take much of the space if their underlying code is properly formatted. They can be used for both formal and informal purposes as long as they do not hurt the performance of your site. There is no doubt that web designs with unique interactive scrolling options are quite in demand. Thanks to the designers who thought out of the box to design such unique and interactive scrolling designs.