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10 Resources for Creating Stunning Websites

Websites are far too many now. With the advent and proliferation of the digital space and the need for businesses to create a strong online presence, getting a website up is the first step.

But are you doing enough?

Are the websites that are being created off the rack enough to survive the cut-throat competition and entice the targeted audience? Or is it just another nondescript website bound to get lost in the third or fourth page of Google?

Whether it is design, functionality, content, or experience, websites need to do something different to stand out. And here are ten resources that can help you create stunning websites that drive results.

Slider WordPress Plugins

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Sliders are an efficient way to spruce up a website but they also serve the dual purpose of helping with conversions. Not only do sliders give a condensed overview of the website but it also put the most important item on display.

Whether you want to draw attention to your best portfolio item or want to showcase your bestselling product to grab your visitor’s attention, sliders will do the job perfectly.

A slider plugin will do the chunk of the work for you. There’s no need to manually fit one to the screen or individually update and consolidate content. Once you select what to display when to display, the plugin does the rest of the job for you. Ease of use is one of its beauty, besides being aesthetically pleasing.

Also, when looking for a slider it’s best to go for a responsive one that transitions easily between devices.

Premium Badges & Ribbons with Visual Appeal

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Ribbons and badges are always used sparingly but they can do so much to both give your site a quick facelift without putting in tons of efforts and garner attention to where you want it. Want to egg your visitor to buy a product? How about a ‘Buy Now’ badge that would draw their attention? Or maybe you want to highlight certain sections or categories of products and add mojo to your site, these badges and ribbons would be a lot of help in that regard.

Show authenticity, build trust, or simply convey a message, you have a choice of 167 badges and ribbons to choose from. Designed by professionals and used by all, these ribbons and badges would find repeated usage in your projects – present and upcoming.

Blogging GPL WordPress Themes

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Is blogging your hobby or maybe a means of sustenance? What every good blog undoubtedly needs is a great theme. A theme that not just adds on to the blog or a blog-based website but also gives it the center stage to shine.

And you have the option of 5 such themes here – from WildRide that’s replete with tons of widgets to help display contents in different ways to Blogetti that’s a perfect fit for a food blog, the themes are packed with features like different Google fonts, typography, and responsiveness. If you are a designer, you need to absolutely to stock up on these themes because it would make your work so much easier.

Beautiful Line Icons & Filled-Line Icons

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What’s a website without icons? Don’t know, never seen one! Icons are an indispensable part of every website and we bring to you an assorted set that not just looks good but also conveys tons of information in a concise way.

The Mega pack is loaded with 560 icons panning Business and Finance, Marketing, Media, Food and Cooking, and many more!

Most Popular PHP Frameworks

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Whether you are a newbie recently introduced to coding or someone already well-versed in one framework, the tutorial is a great set of resources for you.

Learn 10 different PHP frameworks that you can use. Introducing you to the world of simple coding and how working with each of the PHP framework will yield fantastic results, the tutorial is at a 90% discount, you really want your hands on this if you are serious about coding and frameworks!

Calligraphic Font for Projects

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Perhaps one of the most beautiful font styles is the calligraphy. Gone are the days when you’d have to learn and practice for years to be good at it, now you can just use this font and get the same hand-drawn feel because this is a hand-drawn font.

Sandy comes in upper and lower case and with numbers and punctuations too so you can use it for any type of written content. This beautifies the page and also is a perfect fit for certain types of backgrounds and color schemes.

HTML5 Bootstrap Templates

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Planning to get a business website up? The Bootstrap templates will be a saving grace for you. With SEO-friendly HTML pages and themes you’d definitely love, these are flexible and customizable with a clean de-cluttered design.

With an adaptable layout and tons of features, definitely one of the resources that would both give your website a personalized fee and do half the work for you.

Infographic Vectors for Presentations

Presentations are the key to winning that deal. But do you think the old boring ones would suffice? Whether you are designing a presentation to be put on your website or for personal use, consider revamping vectors to make it stand out.

These new Infographic vectors will spice up your image adding a fresh new feel to it. And some of the particularly specific ones will also do the job of conveying the message better than text would.

404 Error Page for SEO

Want to rank better on Google? Improve your SEO efforts – that’s what anyone with basic knowledge will tell you. But they are overlooking an important SEO opportunity. Often a 404 page is the biggest reason for page abandonment. What most SEO guys don’t know is that your 404 is a great chance to optimize for rankings plus to keep the visitor’s informed or direct them to the correct page.

You should also use a great 404 template to keep the visitors both amused and prevent them from abandoning the page.

Free Handcrafted WordPress Theme

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Handcrafted themes have such a personalized feel to it. Breviter is a great such pick that is a boon for bloggers. The clean sophisticated layout would put your content on full display while empowering it with brilliant features like the ability to change the background and color to as you wish, responsiveness, etc.

This is one theme you’d use often so definitely download this, and it’s even free for a limited period!

Which one of our freebies did you like best?

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