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Choosing Hosting For Your Site? Here’s Why We Love Squidix

What to look for in hosting sites:

  • What kind of hosting does the site offer?
  • How fast is the uptime?
  • Is the service affordable?
  • How is the support?

Regardless of the type of site you have, you’ll find one thing is certain; your online business needs quality hosting. But how do you choose a hosting site? What criteria is important?

Here at Bittbox, we use Squidix as our hosting provider, and not without reason. Squidix is an IT consulting firm whose focus on quality has been a boon for us. In this post, we’ll go over some tips on finding a good hosting provider and why we’ve chosen Squidix as ours.

Types of hosting

Depending on your business and budget, you’ll want to choose a hosting type that’s most beneficial to you. Generally speaking, there are four main hosting options, each with their own pros and cons: Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud. We’ve given a quick walk-through of each below.

  • Shared Hosting is a popular and cost-efficient hosting option. You’ll find a lot of people compare it to having roommates, because you’re sharing a server with other websites. In short, your site uses the same data, disk space, and resources as the other sites on the server.
  • Dedicated Hosting is a popular (but often more expensive) choice. The upside being, you don’t have to share server space, which can often mean faster performance.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting (or VPS) is like having a digital timeshare. You have your own space in the server but continue to share with others. This option can be valuable and cost-efficient.
  • Cloud Hosting, unlike other types, is usable without physical hardware. Like shared hosting, this platform can be a great choice for those looking to save money.

As far as hosting goes, Squidix offers several types depending on your needs, including shared, dedicated, VPS, and virtually everything in-between. We appreciate the number of choices available through the platform. As our site continues to change, we’ll continue to have options.

Fast uptime

Uptime” is the measurement for operational systems, and uptime is defined in percentile terms. In other words, if a site is down a lot, that downtime can be tracked. In theory, a perfect uptime would be 99.999% or 100%. If your platform has perfect uptime, your site will, in theory, never be down. (Not to mention better uptime equates to happy users and greater financial opportunity.)

While most businesses won’t always have a perfect uptime score, most seek to have at least 99.9% or more. According to WebHostingStuff, Squidix has done very well over the last several years, with an allover score of 99.91%. This means Squidix has an excellent track record for uptime dependability, and that’s important to us.

Affordable service

Depending on the type of hosting you choose, which platform you use, and what type of site you have, your hosting price could vary quite a bit. Your monthly cost could be a small amount, like the price of a cup of coffee, or alternatively, you could spend hundreds of dollars a month.

For our needs, Squidix has been a cost-effective option and includes a wide variety of payment plans. With Shared Hosting options starting at $4.95 a month, it’s our opinion that Squidix offers opportunities for varying incomes. No matter what platform you choose, however, consider the perks available with your plan and always be on the lookout for hidden fees. Even the smallest details are important when it comes to your website.

Quality Support

When something goes wrong, especially in relation to your business, you want quality support. By using a hosting platform, you’re not only paying for a service but also investing in damage control. And that damage control needs to be good. We learned this lesson firsthand during a billing issue with Squidix.

In addition to looping in the CEO for a quick resolution, the Squidix support team helped us target the issue and resolve it quickly. Before you choose a hosting provider for your own site, consider doing some research on the company’s customer service team. Read reviews, and ask your connections about their experiences. Find a hosting service that has views in line with your own.


Choosing a hosting platform can be slightly overwhelming; not only are there several services to choose from, but there are also a variety of hosting types and prices to consider. At Bittbox, we encourage you start with the basics. Choose the kind of hosting you need, the uptime you desire, the price you’re looking for, and the support you want. By doing a little research, you may find a really good fit, just like we did in Squidix.

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