WixStores: The Simplest eCommerce Website Builder for Any Business

by Jake Rocheleau
on June 18, 2015

WixStores is a comprehensive eCommerce website builder, and content management system all rolled into one. Wix.com, one of the most popular website builders, launched their online store builder on the same platform. Of course Wix.com is a free website builder focused on helping you create and develop your online presence. But their latest eCommerce system allows business owners and shops of any size to create their own fully-functioning online marketplace without writing any code. When getting started, the initial sign-up process is straightforward yet detailed, offering plenty of options for any business. Once you enter some basic sign-up info, you’ll be taken to a screen to pick your company’s interests.

wix category selection form

For my company’s interests, I chose the category of web design agency, because that best suits my skillset. However you could pick anything from general entertainment venues to services and corporate products. WixStores has pre-built templates for every area of eCommerce and they’re simply beautiful. On the next page you have to select a default template for your website. Most users would prefer a free template just to get started. Surprisingly their free templates are very high quality and fit nicely with each category. The templates for web design agencies include creative effects, big typography, and plenty of space for team photos and portfolio items. After selecting your template you’ll be shown a video tutorial explaining how to use the template editor.

video tutorial wix editor

Wix has always been on the map for powerful editing features that don’t require any knowledge of HTML. You can change up design elements, page text, or even append new pages into the site.

After you’ve made a few changes to the page you can hit the “publish” link in the top-left corner. This will put the site live and give you a unique Wix domain. If you already have your own domain you can also set that up with the click of a button.

seo settings wix store

Lastly you’ll be given options for SEO and mobile optimization. Both features are useful all web stores, but as always WixStores offers the greatest level of customization for users.

Restyling your Website

Once everything is setup you’ll be taken to the main dashboard. From here you can select any of your sites to edit.

wix account dashboard ui

Backend settings are usually left alone so most of the time you’ll be editing the storefront. Of course you have the ability to add/rearrange content just like on a regular Wix website.

custom colors editor wixstore

One of the coolest features that I noticed was the new Wix Apps. Their marketplace includes both free and premium apps to append into your WixStores Ecommerce website. Some of the best apps feature 3rd party marketplaces like Etsy Shops.

chose apps wix store editor

But it should come as no surprise that the Wix Stores app is what takes the cake. This allows webmasters to create their own digital storefront on any Wix eCommerce account.

wix stores app add site

When you add this app onto your Wix site it’ll create a new page and a new customizable tab in the editor. Wix Stores are fast, powerful, and jam-packed with amazing features.

Wix Store Management

flyout menu editor custom

The WixStores store manager has always been a tricky subject, but WixStores dramatically clarifies the process. Current features are already very powerful, and WixStores will most likely roll out even more eCommerce solutions. As of now, WixStores is equipped with unique selling dashboards that include features like:

  • Organizing & adding new products
  • Unique payment options
  • Creation of coupon codes
  • Automated shipping + tax rates
  • Custom order tracking

And the product setup page is absurdly simple. You just add new product details with photos and prices. Optional attributes include sizes, quantity, and SKU codes.

add new product wixstore

This same dashboard includes options for tracking orders, payments, making coupon codes, and managing store settings. WixStores can accept any currency, any address, and even help you setup legal details like a privacy policy and refund conditions.

Although my example is rather bare it demonstrates how easy it is for store owners to get up & running. Products may be rearranged by dragging and you can even add a dynamic image slideshow of products. Customers browse products by clicking to view more photos & details.

view product wixstore screen

The best part is that you can manage products, payment methods, and store settings all from the Wix dashboard. Once you install the Wix Stores app you’ll find a new Apps link added to your dashboard.

Of course, the icon might already be present if you chose a template that already has the WixStores icon in it.

When clicking on this icon, you will be presented with three options:

  1. Manage Store
  2. Add Product
  3. Add Store Elements

The first two options will take you to the WixStores store manager, and the third will let you customize your product gallery.



The Wix.com online store builder is relevant for all businesses, and has templates available for any industry. The more I dive into WixStores, the more I find myself impressed with the platform as a whole. Since everything is built on top of Wix.com, you already have a great content management system to work with. Although you can create and design your WixStores eCommerce website for free, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the premium packages in order to activate your store.

WixStores is only offered under two of the premium plans: VIP and eCommerce. Of course, you can choose between a yearly or monthly plans. Whether you sell physical products or intangible services, your business can run on WixStores. When setting up your stores, you have three options to choose from for payment methods and they are as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • Offline payments

In truth there’s not much I can say negatively about WixStores. The platform will take practice to learn, but it’s also one of the simplest platforms I’ve found that’s also connected to a full website management suite. The sheer number of features on top of Wix’s sensational editing platform makes this eCommerce storefront the best choice for any business owner of any industry worldwide. I’ve heard from many business owners that Wix is their preferred choice to get online quickly.

Their prices are more than reasonable considering you get hosting, free templates, a content management system, and dozens of applications. The WixStores app is just one more addition to the outstanding Wix platform. If you’re hoping to launch a new eCommerce site then I’d recommend checking out Wix to see how it feels. Whether you’re a computer whiz or barely know how to manage your e-mail, Wix offers an outstanding experience that can prove advantageous for businesses of all sizes.x

dashboard wixstores wix panel



stripe authorize payments method

Wix Stores are only offered under certain plans but they have great support for all industries. Whether you sell physical products or intangible services, your business can run on Wix Stores.

Customers on your store have the option to choose between PayPal, credit card, or even some offline payment methods like money order. Digital services like Stripe are used to ensure absolute security when passing confidential financial information between servers


coupon code wixstore shop

The sheer number of features on top of Wix’s sensational editing platform makes this eCommerce storefront the best choice for any business owner of any industry worldwide.

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