Imcreator – The easiest way to create free websites

by iulian
on April 24, 2013

How would you like to create a website in three easy steps, simply by clicking your mouse and adding some content? Sounds too good to be true?

Luckily, Imcreator is as real as it gets and it shows you how to create your own website without any coding or web design. It`s all pre-made for you, which leaves you with all the fun and almost no work at all. And it`s also free!

Yes, I know it sounds like a fairytale, but I assure you it’s neither. In fact, don’t take my word for it. Take a look at these websites and see for yourself. They were all created with Imcreator:

Your website could look just as good as any of these… or even better! Just follow these three steps and you`ll have your own virtual hallmark, as well.

Step 1: Choose the design

Once you’ve started creating your website on Imcreator, you`ll be thrilled with the wide variety of templates you can choose from. There are dozens of designs that you can browse, to pick the one you like the most. And, believe it or not… this is the hardest part of all. Once you`ve chosen your template, you go straight to…

Step 2: Customize your website

In other words, MORE fun! With a couple clicks, you upload images, you add texts, edit them, delete whatever you don`t like, add some more photos or videos… basically, you get to play around until you reach that perfect look that you`ve been longing for. No hard work, no hassles, no need to hire web designers or programmers. You can do everything yourself without paying a dime.

After you’ve customized the template you chose and you`re happy with the result, you can jump to the final step:

Step 3: Publish

Just hit the “Publish” button and your work will plunge in the virtual world. Go ahead, be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

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