Unique Web Fonts to Spice Up your Layout Designs

by Jake Rocheleau
on June 25, 2014

It goes without question that CSS3 has been a major improvement on how we build websites. Beyond the additional properties I’ve found CSS3 web fonts to be a groundbreaking addition to the developer’s tool belt. You can import external fonts or even include your own custom-made fonts with just a few lines of code.

But not every website needs to include 5 or 6 additional typefaces. There is a rhythm to choosing great fonts which can help you avoid building websites that look like a 10 year old’s first time in Microsoft Word. I’d like to share a few tips for selecting fonts and how you should apply them with grace and humility.

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Tips for Learning the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop

by Jake Rocheleau
on June 23, 2014

Everyone who’s tried their hand at Photoshop knows about the pen tool. At first it’s agonizingly difficult and practically mocks every newcomer. But there is a rhyme & reason to the madness. I do hope this post offers enough useful tips for anyone interested in learning this tool.

I’ll preface by saying that to get truly comfortable you’ll need to spend hours and hours of time practicing. There is no shortcut to hard work and real practice when it comes to learning Photoshop. The pen tool could be listed as one of the most difficult skills to grasp. But once it clicks you’ll never really forget – sorta like riding a bicycle or a similar heartfelt cliché.

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Animated Web Design for a Unique Eye-Catching Experience

by Jake Rocheleau
on June 18, 2014

The process of creating a dynamic website takes hard work along with a deeper understanding of design principles. Most of this can be learned from practice and studying what other websites are doing. Animation in web design can be used to enhance almost any page element, and the popularity of jQuery allows anyone to build these effects without much hassle.

I’d like to share a few examples of great animation in web design. Specifically I am focusing on animations which tend to enhance the user experience. Too many flashy elements or sliding panels can get annoying. Over time you’ll find a good limit between too many and too few animations on any given webpage.

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382 free design resources that are hotter than Jennifer Lawrence!(sponsored)

by Megha
on June 12, 2014

Well, of course these web resources are hot. But what makes them hotter is that these are for free! So, if you like designing or already a pro then you are sure to find them hotter than Jennifer Lawrence!

These resources come with high quality making sure that your web projects always maintain the same calibre. So whether you’re looking for “plug and play” visual content, some beautiful textures, or icons, you’re bound to find new favorite free web design resources on this list. If you are a designer then you will certainly want to checkout these high quality resources which you can’t refrain from downloading

Get a sneak peek into these design resources now:

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Understanding Skeuomorphism for Mobile Interface Design

by Jake Rocheleau
on May 28, 2014

It seems most users have moved on from the original iOS design into the latest iOS 7 interface. Yet many still prefer the fancy textures and glossy buttons along with the more detailed application icons of iOS 6. It seems that skeuomorphic design has become less mainstream for mobile applications in place of simplicity and minimalism. Both design styles work great and there’s an audience for everything.

iphone app homescreen icon inspiration preview image

I’d like to cover a bit more about skeuomorphism and how it relates to mobile app design. Typically people get the wrong idea about skeuomorphism and why it looks so unique. Although design is a huge piece to this style, applications need to be usable in a familiar kind of way that catches people’s attention.

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35 Premium Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes

by Jake Rocheleau
on May 23, 2014

If you run an online shop or wish to launch a new venture then your website design will become an important asset to the business. Customers don’t typically spend money on websites that look poorly designed or provide a low-quality user experience. Building your own layout or paying a professional can take weeks or even months, not to mention the costs.

But installing a pre-built theme saves you both time and money. This gallery includes a number of fanciful eCommerce WordPress themes for many types of online businesses. Each theme comes with free support and provides all the tools you would need to run a digital web shop. Whether you’re looking for a redesign or need to get a new idea online quickly, there’s bound to be a theme here to suit your needs.


evora responsive woocommerce theme wordpress

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Win 3 Elegant Themes Developer Subscriptions And Try The New Divi

by iulian
on May 21, 2014

Elegant Themes’ reputation is based on its high standard solutions and WordPress themes of great variety. At the moment, more than 200 thousand customers are enjoying their products.

Its long history in this field is also due to the fact that it is a perfect source for top quality themes that will enhance any web building project. You can purchase a bundle of 87 different themes that you can use on an unlimited number of domains for the bargain price of only $69.
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Getting Started with iOS 7 Mobile App Design

by Jake Rocheleau
on May 19, 2014

The path to designing your own mobile application is long and often tedious. It requires a lot of time studying current trends and what other designers have been doing. But the level of accomplishment is very rewarding once you know how to create beautiful interfaces for almost any mobile device.

featured image white iphone ios7 homescreen

This post will look at some of the basic iOS guidelines related to app design. Many interface standards have changed with iOS7 moving towards a more flat design. There are some applications which still utilize detailed gradients and textures, but this seems to be falling by the wayside in lieu of cleaner and simpler UI elements.

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The Big Bang Bundle: $14,979 worth of Top-Quality Resources (sponsored)

by brantwilson
on May 16, 2014

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Theyre the only ones who offer a 200% money back guarantee on every product. This means that if youre not happy with it, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product.

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