Understanding Skeuomorphism for Mobile Interface Design

by Jake Rocheleau
on May 28, 2014

It seems most users have moved on from the original iOS design into the latest iOS 7 interface. Yet many still prefer the fancy textures and glossy buttons along with the more detailed application icons of iOS 6. It seems that skeuomorphic design has become less mainstream for mobile applications in place of simplicity and minimalism. Both design styles work great and there’s an audience for everything.

iphone app homescreen icon inspiration preview image

I’d like to cover a bit more about skeuomorphism and how it relates to mobile app design. Typically people get the wrong idea about skeuomorphism and why it looks so unique. Although design is a huge piece to this style, applications need to be usable in a familiar kind of way that catches people’s attention.

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35 Premium Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes

by Jake Rocheleau
on May 23, 2014

If you run an online shop or wish to launch a new venture then your website design will become an important asset to the business. Customers don’t typically spend money on websites that look poorly designed or provide a low-quality user experience. Building your own layout or paying a professional can take weeks or even months, not to mention the costs.

But installing a pre-built theme saves you both time and money. This gallery includes a number of fanciful eCommerce WordPress themes for many types of online businesses. Each theme comes with free support and provides all the tools you would need to run a digital web shop. Whether you’re looking for a redesign or need to get a new idea online quickly, there’s bound to be a theme here to suit your needs.


evora responsive woocommerce theme wordpress

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