Shopify Vs Volusion – Which is a Better Option?

by Dustin Martin
on March 9, 2015



With so many ecommerce platforms to choose from, you can now have a powerful online business. Setting up a retail store online was never that easy! The right platform will empower you and offer the necessary tools to enhance lead generation and boost sales. Your only focus should be running your business successfully and catering to your customers while a competent ecommerce platform takes care of the technical details.

So, which platform should you choose to start your online retail business? With so many options available, let’s narrow down the choice to the two most competitive, popular and dominant online shopping carts on the internet, Volusion or Shopify. Read on to get a comprehensive comparative review of both the ecommerce platforms and then decide which platform you would like to opt for.

Both, Shopify and Volusion are online solutions that enable you to create and manage an online retail store. Although they offer similar services, they are very different in aspects like design, plans and pricing. Let us see who wins the debate of Volusion vs Shopify when we compare them on each aspect of their service.

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36 Interface Design Mockups for Mobile Shops & Online Stores

by Jake Rocheleau

Some of the most intricate and detailed website layouts are shops and eCommerce stores. Most of these websites have so many required features that a designer will need to plan long in advance during the wireframing & mockup stage. It helps to look at other great interfaces to gauge your own ideas and put them into perspective.

This gallery is focused on UI mockups for mobile shops and online web stores. Take a look over each of these examples to see if anything catches your attention. It’s a lot tougher to create a shopping interface for mobile screens because the process requires a series of terse decisions regarding which elements to cut. But guided by the following examples you should be able to push forward into an excellent design of your own.

Magaza Web

magaza web version app ui

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