How To Recreate Icons using Photoshop Paths

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 23, 2015

There’s a lot to learn when first making icons in Photoshop. The Pen tool is a necessity but it comes with so many alternative tools and techniques that it can take months to really understand. I wrote a brief guide to the PS pen tool as an introduction but never went into pragmatic detail.

featured ps icon vectors

For this guide I want to cover how to trace existing icons using the Photoshop pen tool. This allows you to create vector shapes without worrying about the actual creative process. It’s 100% technical where you learn how to manipulate a path with certain curves and connections.

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25 Useful Free Resources for Web Designers

by Gourav Kataria
on July 20, 2015

Web Designing is an art and the more time you will spend on polishing your skills, the more you can think out of the box. Because, Spending a dedicated time and effort in the same field is what makes you perfect. Web designing is the most trending topic at the present time, where a lot of beginners as well as the experts are continuously creating a buzz on the web with the collection of creative new designs to make the web perfect place for fellow web designers.

Everyone likes to share the useful resources which are releasing day by day and this is the most positive thing about our web design community. New projects and design layout are released on every single day that makes us inspiring, curious to use them over our own projects. Considering some thoughts of sharing useful resources for web designers we have prepared a list of fresh and useful resources which can be useful for your upcoming projects. Whether you are a web developer, designer, freelancer you will definitely find something useful in this list for your next project.

Crystallize Free Material Ui Kit

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Easy Color Transitions with Illustrator’s Blend Tool

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 17, 2015

Since all Illustrator objects are vectors it’s much easier to create dynamic effects from basic shapes. Gradients can be applied onto a single shape or they can be created by blending multiple shapes together.

illustrator blend tool quicktip

I’ll demonstrate the latter technique using a little trick known as the Blend Tool. It’s actually very simple once you learn how to tweak settings and get the gradients working as you intend.

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