15 jQuery Form Plugins For Responsive Design

by Joby Joseph
on March 20, 2014

HTML Forms are an essential part of most of the websites. It is used to accept user inputs. Registration, login, search are the usually seen applications of forms. Users in general do not like to fill forms, especially long forms. So it is a big headache for web developers to put things carefully and boosts user experience.

A well designed form should follow these guidelines.

  • Layout should be properly rendered in all devices including desktops, mobiles and tablets.
  • Avoid unnecessary fields. Example, if there is an input field which accepts date of birth, then do not ask the user to enter his age in next textbox. Age can be easily calculated from date of birth.
  • Implement proper client side validation. Do not make users to enter the form again from scratch.
  • Show where and what is the error appropriately.

It is advised to use popular plugins for form management. This helps you to create a stable and responsive html forms. Here is a list of 15 jQuery plugins which help you to manage your forms.
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