Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Unique Cloud Textures

by Dustin Schmieding
on February 7, 2012

Today I’m giving some cloud photographs that are a bit different than the traditional cloud texture photographs. I shot these back in October and have used them in a few of my own pieces but never released them as a collection. I think their uses are endless, particularly because they aren’t obvious cloud shapes that will be instantly recognizable. Each one is 4500×3000.

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How To Create A Set Of PS Brushes From A Single Texture Photo

by Jon Phillips
on February 2, 2012

Creating Photoshop brushes is rather easy. But, I often find that brush sets lack consistency and are often created form various textures or sources. I like consistency.

I think a great set of brushes isn’t just a matter of throwing a bunch of brushes that kinda look similar together in a set, but rather create a set where each brush complements each other—this way if one of the brushes doesn’t work for what you’re trying to achieve, another brush in the set might since they’re created from the same source.

Start With A Photo

First of all we’ll need a high-resolution image. I find it works best with a photo of a texture rather than something like a landscape or portrait, for obvious reasons.

For the purpose of this tutorial I’ve used one of my own photos taken with a Nikon D90.

image preview
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