Web Design Trend: Fading Corners

by Jay Hilgert
on January 14, 2007

Who needs 4 round corners when you can have 1 or 2 that fade into oblivion?

Fading corners on the mozilla firefox page

There are a few reasons why this is not only kinda cool, but also a good idea for optimizing your site or blog:

1. It just looks cool.

2. It effectively separates content and keeps load times down because the background only loads once and doesn’t repeat.

3. It gives you freedom in your layout. Having a border that fades into your background enables you to leave the height and/or width of the column up to the content. For example, if you have a fading corner on the each section of the sidebar in your blog, you can add as many links as you want into that section and your CSS only loads one background image.

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How to get your Applications Folder in your Dock – Mac OS X

by Jay Hilgert
on January 13, 2007

Putting your applications folder in your dock enables you to get rid of icons in your dock that you rarely use, and still have 1-click access to all of your installed applications. This not only keeps your dock clutter-free, it makes it easier to navigate to your applications folder after you install an application. (For example, a recent freeware install.)

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[Mac OS X] Get access to all of your installed applications without having to put their icons in your Dock. Simply add your Apps folder to the Dock.

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1. Open a new Finder window.

2. Click on “Macintosh HD” (or your hard drive if you’ve renamed it)

3. Drag your Applications folder to the dock and release.

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Wicked Illustrator Brush Effect

by Jay Hilgert
on January 8, 2007

This Adobe Illustrator bitt will show you how to make a funky custom brush for a fast and easy grunge-like effect.

1. Open a new new Illustrator document and make a few simple shapes on the artboard. Put a black stroke on the shapes, but no fill.

Illustrator brush bitt

2. With your shapes selected, open the brushes palette, and apply an organic-looking brush stroke to your shapes.

I used “rough charcoal,” but choose whatever you like.

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Click to Hightlight all text: It’s Easier than you think.

by Jay Hilgert
on January 7, 2007

If you want your users to click on a text area and automatically highlight all of the text, there is a very simple way to do it. This does not require external javascript at all. It’s no "copy code" button, but if the user clicks inside the text area, this bitt of code will hightlight all of the text in that textfield.

Add the following code to any < textarea > tag:

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