JotForm Releases FormsCentral Import Wizard

by Dustin Martin
on February 3, 2015

Adobe recently rattled the design community when they dropped the bomb that Adobe’s form building product, FormsCentral, is set to shut down this July. Users who have come to rely on the service for many of their business needs were caught off guard and called upon Adobe to reconsider their decision. They took to the Adobe support forums to complain. “The last 4 months I spent building forms which I know will not be able to use anymore,” one user laments. Other users express their frustration, anger, and are up in arms about where to go next.


FormsCentral users have depended on the service for lead collection, e-commerce, communication with customers and more, have begun to seek alternatives. JotForm got wind of the situation when their support team was flooded with requests from FormsCentral users, asking how they can migrate over to JotForm, a competing service. As a company centered around customer usability and ease, JotForm promptly set to work to make the migration process a breeze.



Fortunately for FormsCentral users, the rug is not quite pulled from underneath them. JotForm has just released an import wizard, so users do not have to worry about losing their forms and data. JotForm’s accomplished engineers have worked relentlessly and have successfully reverse engineered FormsCentral’s interface. FormsCentral users can now breathe a sigh of relief.


“We’re excited to be the first and only FormsCentral competitor that has such a seamless migration process. Considering the many technical challenges in setting this up, it may turn out that we will be the only Form Builder with such a complete solution,” says JotForm founder and Ceo, Aytekin Tank. “We welcome FormsCentral users, and hope that they not only find it helpful, but that they also enjoy and love the product.”

keep calm

JotForm, recently in the news for the release of its best-of-brand Form Designer, has become the online form destination for designers. By just point-and-clicking, users are able to design beautiful forms without much effort at all. Going well beyond design capabilities like font, color, and custom backgrounds, the Form Designer allows users to create forms with all of the finer features that make for powerful web design. From flat design to features that allow for a smooth user experience, the form designer leads the pack in its design capabilities. What’s more, all designs are responsive. That is, they look great across all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop.


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