Best Website Locations to Place Your Brand’s Logo

by Zac Johnson
on January 10, 2017

Are you a web owner or a business owner trying to decide where to place the logo on your website? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners and site managers grapple with the idea of logo placement for optimal effect.

The Need to Innovate

Business owners want to be different. We get that. But in this case, you won’t want to veer too far from traditional standards. Many web owners, in an attempt to be different, place their logo in the upper right-hand corner. Some put them in them in the middle of the page. However, incorrect placement may prove to be detrimental to your website.

Research shows that placing your logo in the upper left-hand corner is ideal and creates a sense of organization for your visitors. It also creates a responsive website that is easy to maneuver. If you place your logo on the right-hand side or in the middle, it will make viewers feel your page is a bit “off” somehow.

Research on Logo Placement

According to, users are 89% more likely to remember a logo placed in the upper left corner than in any other location. Google and other data companies have done a great deal of research on the idea of where to place ads, logos, and other website assets. And while decisions like these can be divisive among business owners, it is always best to choose what works with the majority of site visitors. It’s just not worth risking losing potential customers due to an oversight in design.


We’re not saying you can’t place your logo in the upper right-hand corner or another location of your choosing. However, you should always consider what users are accustomed to seeing. Users look at a website and instantly create a perception of the brand they see. So, when you do something totally different, you risk losing visitors’ attention, or worse, distracting them so much they miss the message you wanted to present.

Don’t let your design get in the way of your message. It’s not an art contest. The design should be the proverbial soundtrack in a Blockbuster film; it’s there, but you’re not aware of it. Placing your logo in an off-beat position throws a wrench in your viewers’ perception and creates a sense of disorganization.

Case Study on Logo Placement

According to the same study mentioned above, users were presented with a list of 10 different hotels, and they were asked to select the one that they had seen before. There were 128 users who participated in the study, and the results were definitive.

Logo placement does matter. For every design compared, more users remembered the brand name when it was presented and displayed on the left side of the page rather than the right. In fact, the average brand recall on the left was 39% while the brand recall for the right was only 21%.

Go with the Brain’s Preferences

The mere fact that brands were remembered better when placed in the upper right-hand corner is reason enough to stick to the standard. The more we business owners and site administrators can design according to customer expectation, the more it will benefit our brands in the long run.

In the now famous talk given to the Macintosh computer team, Steve Jobs said, “We’ve got to get great at the little things.”

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A Logo is a Little Thing with a Big Impact

A logo might be considered a little thing to website owners or business managers. But it is not a little thing to the customer who is considering dealing with and doing business with your brand. Because it is so important to get it right in every way, it is also important that you put it in the right place for maximum effect and keep your website responsive to all users, include mobile users.

Not only can a logo help with the overall branding and trust of your site, it can also help keep audiences on your site longer. Logo designs are all about trust and gaining the respect of an audience. If you trust being somewhere, you will likely stick around for a much longer period of time.

The Importance of Branding

Branding has become more important than ever now that we are heavily in the digital age and everything is measured by how well it is presented online and in the digital platforms. Because of this, it is even more essential that you follow some traditions while still maintaining innovative and creative aspects within your brand and your company. Following conventional ideas on where to place your logo is the best practice to align yourself with your intended audience and avoid distracting or confusing them.

Don’t mess with what works

Some companies have tried to move their logo to various places to see what results they get but the results pretty much the same as the major studies. The best place to put your logo is in the upper right-hand corner. We love creative thoughts, and we enjoy the idea of doing things differently. However, when it comes to brand and logos, it is wise to follow what people are used to so that you do not create cognitive dissonance within their mind when looking at your site.

Remember it’s not all about the design, but you should make the design responsive in the way that you place your logo, graphics, and any other assets to comply with what users expect and know in your type of business.

Designhill is an example of a high-tech logo design company that works with brands to establish their identity on the web. They have a good working knowledge of the proper placement of website logos and the psychology behind it. When they design a logo, they keep the customer’s ideas in mind and always make sure the logo goes well with the theme of their website and is placed in the proper location.

The site also recommends the following when attempting to design a logo that stands out from the crowd, while also relates with your audience.

  • Keep the design of a logo simple
  • Make sure your logo is engaging to your audience
  • Your logo should be relevant to your site or brand
  • Create a logo with versatility so it can be used in print design

All important components that every brand should consider when creating their logo design.

How to Choose a Logo Design Team

When looking for a web design or logo creation design solution, you always want to go with the kind of team that understands the psychology and aesthetic elements of a website. While you want to be unique and different and innovative, the structure of your web page should follow certain standards that people have grown used to and which they are acclimated to when browsing.

Remember that anything that is too far to the right or the left may give them a sense of confusion and make your site seem asymmetrical or disorganized.

Even if this is not your intention, it is the wise website owner and business owner who sticks to the standards concerning logo placement. Study the placement of sites in your niche area, and you will see that it always looks best when placed in the upper right-hand position, as the evidence and case studies show.

When you are looking for a great logo designer to create your logo, you should choose one who specializes in custom logos.

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