28 Modern Band Web Designs that Rock!

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 13, 2015

The most diverse and scrupulous websites tend to be creative designs. Musical sites are one genre where content primarily focuses on media & a performer or group of performers. It’s also tough to find great band websites because most either follow a template or are just plain bad.

As such I’ve collected a series of awesome band websites to provide inspiration for web designers. A few of these bands are world famous while others cater to an underground following. Either way the layouts and design aesthetics are incredible and worthy of study in regards to building your own custom band website.


tycho band simple website


off band official website

You Blew It

you blew it band website

Mutoid Man

mutoid man band website

Goo Goo Dolls

goo goo dolls band website


issues band website

Smith Street Band

smith street band website

Iron Chic

iron chic band website

Joyce Manor

joyce manor website band design


metropol band website simple


pears band music website

Trash Talk

trash talk band website

I Am The Avalanche

i am the avalanche band

Andrew Jackson Jihad

andrew jackson jihad band website


ceremony band homepage

Banner Pilot

banner pilot website design

Against Me!

against me band photo website

Comeback Kid

comeback kid website homepage

The Brokedowns

brokedowns band website

Sea Cycles

sea cycles band website

Great Apes

great apes band website

Candy Hearts

candy hearts band

Smoove and Turrell

smoove and turrell band website


tweens band website grunge

Cheap Girls

cheap girls band pink website

Moonlit Sailor

moonlit sailor dark website


samiam website band homepage

Tiny Engines

tiny engines homepage simple layout

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