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by brantwilson
on September 22, 2015

There are tons of design resources out there that are widely used by web designers and developers alike. The best thing about these design resources is, you can instantly download them, tweak them and use it in your project. But apparently, such editable and freely available design resources are hard to find. And even if you get your hands on one, it will either burn a hole in your pocket or wouldn’t be able to meet up with all your needs and expectations.

But thanks to DealFuel, you can get such resources and a handful of other cool UI resources for free that too without expending a lot of your productive time. All these items are properly categorized so that you can get the deal you want easily. So let’s find out the features of these cool deals:

1. Creativity enhancing design resources

Multiple websites use design elements, but most of these elements are pretty orthodox and has become sort of a global standard, thus making the visual experience a bit monotonous. These enhanced design resources will bring zing to your website and will provide it a new outlook. The resource consists of beautiful textures, various vector illustrations and a palette of different vector icons that would lessen your design efforts considerably.

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2. Responsive WordPress theme for home decor sites


This WordPress theme aids in creating an entirely responsive fluid site that especially caters to home decor and furnishing websites. The theme consists of a number of different sliders and menus and can be altered and modified according to your needs and requirements. The theme can be instantly downloaded and used according to your project needs. It has built-in Ajax/ PHP contact forms and flaunts a framework based on Blackbird along with a ton of other attractive features and privileges.

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3. Vector ribbon objects


Ribbons are used for decorating purposes and are often associated with novelty. This resource consists of a number of different styled ribbon vector objects, that can be used for navigation, as headers, labels, as well as for banners. The ribbon objects can be instantly downloaded in AI, EPS and PSD formats and used on your personal as well as commercial projects.

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4. Patterned Vector Backgrounds


This pack consisting of different patterned vector backgrounds that will put you ahead of the curve. These cool patterned backgrounds are made up of different patterns, with a cocktail of different shades and gradients. These patterned background can be used as your website’s background, for designing headers or even posters. By downloading this package, you can get your hands on a number of different patterns and use them accordingly.

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5. Free flat icons


Free flat icons are the current rage. They are simple, easy to work with and are easy to integrate into a website. To top it off, due to its simple and clutter-free form factor, it complements your website’s appeal and grabs the audience’s attention. These set of flat icons depict navigation, different user actions and other vital operations that are taken by users. This flat icons set can be instantly downloaded and implemented in your commercial as well as personal projects.

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6. Free food mock-up


Are you building a food blog or a website for a restaurant or dining chain? If the answer is yes, then you need to make sure that the form factor of that website flaunts some fresh designs to associate it with the various culinary creations and cuisines it would cater to. And that is why this free food mock-up is the best utility for you. It has a number of different templates showcasing high-quality images of foods and has a slideshow feature to allow you flaunt the latest culinary creations of the restaurant. The mock-up is completely customizable and can be tweaked according to your needs and desire. The theme is easy to work with and can be incorporated in your personal or commercial websites.

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7. Waterlily typeface


Different typefaces are widely used across different websites, as it provides an escape from using the same monotonous fonts and formats. These typefaces give your text an entirely different perspective and give its a unique style. Using the Waterlily typeface you can create your stylish headers, logos or general content with it’s unique handwritten styles. The typeface can be used for creating different writing styles as well as dialects. This typeface is easy to use and implement on your current commercial or personal projects.

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8. One page website template


One-page websites are a synonym for agility and aesthetics. Using one-page website you can publish your complete website on a same page. It not only enhances the usability of your website but makes it attractive as well. You can instantly download the one-page website template and use it for your personal and commercial projects. The template is completely customizable, and you can edit and modify it according to your requirements and needs.

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9. Invoice templates


Invoice templates are used around the globe by numerous corporate companies to provide monthly, quarterly or annual salary structure. But these invoices are generated using one or the other text editor. Thus, the look and feel of these invoices varies from one platform to the other and brings forth a number of structural inconsistencies along with a host of other problems. So to curb this issue, you can use a HTML based invoice generator, which uses pure CSS and jQuery to bring forth a consistent layout and also provides a host of different functions that can be beneficial for the organization as well as the employee. This template is compatible with all major browsers and is extremely easy to work with.

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10. Tricolor typeface


As the name suggest, this typeface is an amalgamation of three different colors blended into a single typeface. This typeface can be used for constructing your website’s header, logo or even posters. You can select colors of your choice and create stunning typefaces for free.

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