Are you an Icon Lover?

by raul
on August 9, 2012

Our friends at MightyDeals just launched a great new deal for all icon lovers!

For a limited time, you can get 1,500 icons from Inventicons, for a ridiculous low price.

These icons vector based which offer you unlimited scalability. You can also easily change the color, orientation, or shape, without sacrificing quality. Also included are gradient styles, which can be applied to any icon, for even more versatility. All icons are delivered in PSD, AI and CSH formats, for added usage and flexibility.

Inventicons is giving you 1500 royalty-free icons, available through this deal for half off the regular price of $70 – only $35!

It’s a must-have for interface designers and includes special icons for websites, mobile apps, and more. See all the icons!

Freebie Friday: 6 Tortured Film Brushes

by Dustin Schmieding
on April 6, 2012


These six hi-res brushes come from some burned and melted film experiments I did a while ago. Each one is 2500×1700.
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How To Create A Set Of PS Brushes From A Single Texture Photo

by Jon Phillips
on February 2, 2012

Creating Photoshop brushes is rather easy. But, I often find that brush sets lack consistency and are often created form various textures or sources. I like consistency.

I think a great set of brushes isn’t just a matter of throwing a bunch of brushes that kinda look similar together in a set, but rather create a set where each brush complements each other—this way if one of the brushes doesn’t work for what you’re trying to achieve, another brush in the set might since they’re created from the same source.

Start With A Photo

First of all we’ll need a high-resolution image. I find it works best with a photo of a texture rather than something like a landscape or portrait, for obvious reasons.

For the purpose of this tutorial I’ve used one of my own photos taken with a Nikon D90.

image preview
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